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Exclusive: 11:FS to launch fintech VC fund led by Fronted founder Jamie Campbell

“The best financial services startup incubator in the world.”

Jamie Campbell

Jamie Campbell

11:FS is planning to launch its own venture firm and accelerator programme under the banner of 11:FS VC, AltFi can exclusively reveal.

It’s a bold move to take the challenger consultancy beyond just building technology and towards investing and supporting the next generation of fintechs.

Jamie Campbell, the founder of Fronted and former senior leader at Bud, has been recruited as the first head of 11:FS VC which is on a mission to build “the best financial services startup incubator in the world”.

The venture arm will be able to tap into the teams, tech and reach of 11:FS and use these to support the startups it invests in or who join its accelerator programme.

“While most accelerators are just show and pony parades to let big organisations ‘feel’ innovative, we are here to connect the dots with people who have already shaped the industry globally, not just produced powerpoints about it,” David M. Brear, group CEO and co-founder of 11:FS, said.

“I’m keen to find that sweet spot of what the likes of A16Z and Y-Combinator have achieved whilst bringing our own brand of no-nonsense FS perspectives to address the gambit of challenges for building a business.”

While details of the accelerator programme and the kinds of investments that 11:FS VC will look to make are still unknown, Brear said 11:FS has “a string of massive banks looking at co-investment with us”.

Campbell said on the launch of 11:FS VC: “All fintech founders face challenges: go-to-market planning, customer acquisition, scaling with partners, technology sourcing and building, accessing good market intelligence, navigating regulation, and accessing funding. 11:FS VC is where the solution to all those pinch points converge.” 

“Graduates of our program will leave with some seriously unfair advantages.”

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