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N26 launches stocks and ETF trading feature

The bank continues to expand its product suite as it refocuses on its core European markets



Berlin-based digital bank N26 has launched a new stock and ETF trading product.

The fintech teamed up with Upvest for the feature, which will provide the investment infrastructure, enabling users to buy and sell stocks and ETFs for €0.90 per trade through the N26 app.

The new product is launching in Austria first before being made available to other countries, offering fractional investing in more than 100 ETFs starting at €1.

“Following the launch of N26 Instant Savings and N26 Crypto, N26 Stocks and ETFs will give our customers the ability to manage all their finances within the N26 app,” N26 CEO Valentin Stalf said.

“Our customers can spend, save and invest within one app at extremely competitive rates, with no hidden fees and an exceptional user experience.”


N26 says it has plans to expand the range of assets to the full suite of more than 1000 stocks and ETFs in the coming months to customers in both Germany and Austria and then roll out to further markets.

The move to expand its product offering comes as part of a wider push from the digital bank to offer a wider range of banking products to fewer, core markets.

N26 withdrew from Brazil in November as it shifted its focus back to its core European markets, having similarly pulled out of the UK and US, in 2020 and 2021 respectively.

It now focuses solely on operations in continental Europe — with a specific focus on Austria, Germany, France, Spain and Italy — and seems to be transforming into a bank with a full suite of products.

The digital bank has faced scrutiny from a number of regulators over the years and still has a cap on client signups from German watchdog BaFin, but says it is eyeing profitability this year. 

Stalf told Tech Crunch he thinks the company will be profitable on a monthly basis “as a full company” in the second half of the year, building on almost breaking even on a monthly basis by the end of 2023.

The fintech is also boosting its anti-money laundering controls to better comply with the regulators, with hopes that the restrictions will lift in the next few quarters.

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