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Revolut 10 launches to help customers use Revolut as a primary account

Plus a refreshed logo and visual identity for the company which now has 35 million customers

Revolut New Logo


Revolut has now reached 35 million customers globally — up from 30 million in June — and combined the milestone today with a refreshed logo and a major update of its banking app.

Revolut 10, as the new version is called, prioritises features for those customers who use Revolut as their primary account, and is part of a push by the company to increase that use case.

Among the top new features are Pockets, which work as sub-accounts for segregating money for direct debits or subscription payments like bills, and Themes, which let customers customise their homepage with wallpapers and widgets for the features they use the most.

“Revolut 10 is the biggest step forward yet in helping our customers make Revolut their primary account,” Ivan Chalov, Revolut’s head of retail said.

Revolut said the number of customers in Europe using Revolut as their primary account has already grown by 90 per cent in the last year.

Chalov said Revolut 10 was designed to “help customers get a clear view of their money in one place and easily navigate through favourite features and products.”

“We know every customer is unique and has individual needs, so we’re excited to offer customisation options, including widgets, where customers can specify cards or favourite recipients straight on their home screen to move money with one tap.”

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