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Revolut adds ClassPass, Deliveroo and Tinder to premium subscriptions, hikes prices

Prices of three out of four of Revolut's paid-for plans are rising by as much as 33 per cent



Subscribers to Revolut's paid-for subscriptions will see a range of digital services from the likes of ClassPass, Deliveroo and Tinder added to their plan.

At the same time, however, subscribers to the Revolut Plus, Premium and Metal plans will see higher costs for the service from today.

Revolut has five different plans - a free (Standard) plan and four paid plans (Plus, Premium, Metal and Ultra).

Customers will now pay £3.99 per month (or £40 annually) for Plus, £7.99 per month (or £80 annually) for Premium, or £14.99 per month (or £140 annually) for Metal. Ultra will not change in price.

In the chart below you can see the rate of changes which are rising by as much as a 33 per cent in price for its entry level paid for Plus plan.

Revolut's subscription inflation


Old Price

New Price

% Change


£2.99/month £29.99/year

£3.99/month £40/year



£6.99/month £72/year

£7.99/month £80/year



£12.99/month £120/year

£14.99/month £140/year






Source: Revolut

Only customers on the Revolut Premium and Metal plans see the likes of ClassPass, Deliveroo, Freeletics, Headspace, Picsart, Sleep Cycle, Tinder and others, included in their plan.

Revolut says the benefits being added to Premium and Metal plans are valued at up to £545 and £1,730 in retail value per year, respectively.

Existing customers who are on a monthly billing can lock in their current plan price for a year by switching to annual billing before the date given in their email from Revolut, which are being sent out today.

Revolut, which has 35 million customers globally and nearly 8 million customers in the UK, launched its premium subscriptions in 2018.

"We always listen to our customers and innovate our products to exceed their expectations. We’re launching a unique offering, which will bring together a carefully selected bundle of lifestyle subscription services included with your Revolut Plan," Revolut's general manager of premium products Tara Massoudi said.

"One account that unlocks subscriptions bringing customers more value and convenience. As part of enhancing our paid plans, additional exciting benefits will come to Ultra customers in due course, too," Massoudi added.

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