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Revolut continues US expansion with new office

With nearly one million US customers, Revolut is ‘muscling in on the turf of traditional banks’ as it moves just off Wall Street

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It has been a big week for Revolut, launching a brand refresh to its 35 million customers and now expanding its US office.

The fintech app now has 35 million customers worldwide, almost one million of which are in the US, and it is making the move from a co-working space to a new office just off Wall Street.

The US HQ move will happen next month, taking over the whole 20th floor of the 26-storey 107 Greenwich St in a 10,000 plus sq feet working space.

“This office move represents a big step forward in Revolut’s expansion in the US, which is a key market for us,” Revolut US CEO and chief banking officer Sid Jajodia said.

“We continue to grow both our retail and business customers in the US, as well as hire exceptional people. We’ll be a stone’s throw from Wall Street, meaning we’ll be in the heart of one of the world’s most important and recognisable financial districts”. 

Revolut said it is “muscl[ing] in on [the] turf of traditional banks” in the US with the new move.

Earlier this week the company launched ‘Revolut 10’ to help customers use the app as their primary account.

The new update — which comes with an updated logo and overall brand identity — prioritises features for customers using the app as their main account as Revolut tries to increase the number of users that do so.

New features included Pockets, which function as sub-accounts to section off money for direct debits or subscriptions, and Themes, which provide customisation options, including widgets, so users can make the app work best for their needs.

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