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Revolut supports luxury card launch with AR campaign

The campaign and new card has been greeted with a mixed response from Revolut customers.

Revolut AR installation


Revolut said it was “painting the town platinum” after launching an Augmented Reality (AR) campaign to support the arrival of its new luxury membership card called Ultra.

As part of the campaign, called “The Ultra Experience”, shoppers in London’s Covent Garden can scan their mobile phone against a Revolut-branded installation, called the “platinum portal”, which is stationed in Covent Garden.

The modern-looking silver-coloured installation in Covent Garden’s North Piazza contrasts markedly with the 17th-century architecture behind it.

By scanning their phones against the installation, the first glimpse of the Revolut card will be unlocked to users via AR tech.

The campaign also features a competition, with users who share a Revolut post of the installation on Instagram in with the chance of winning free Ultra membership, costing £540 a year.

The campaign- and Revolut's Ultra card- has been greeted with a mixed response on Instagram.

One user said: “I still can’t purchase Ultra even though I am in the waitlist for 4 months. Wtf is that?”

Another said: “The installation is so ugly compared to the building behind.”

On a more positive note, another Revolut customer said: “brought within 1 min of getting the notif of it going live” while another said “amazing visit in Covent Garden today”.

There are more than 430,000 people on the waitlist in the UK and Europe for the platinum-plated card.

Revolut is positioning as a card of luxury and lifestyle.

At £540 a year, Revolut says the card offers up to £4,100 benefits in return, including subscription bundles with partners for offers on newspapers, exercise classes, VPNs and co-working spaces worth more than £2,000.

Customers will also have access to unlimited fee-free international money transfers and unlimited foreign currency exchange in more than 30 countries.

“In response to our customers’ demands, we’re launching this new bespoke membership that we envision as the ultimate travelling and lifestyle companion,” Revolut general manager of premium products Tara Massoudi said.

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