News Digital Banking partners with global banks to streamline cross-border payments

The FMI has partnered with banks in Georgia and Tajikistan.



Financial Market Infrastructure (FMI) has signed pilot agreements with two banks to help streamline cross-border payments.

The company has partnered with MDO Humo in Tajikistan and Credo Bank in Georgia to improve payments and settlements in these regions.

According to, through its network banks will see “significant liquidity benefits” as well as a streamlined traditional cross-border settlement process.

“These fantastic new partnerships highlight the demand for innovative solutions to the historic and emerging challenges associated with payments and liquidity management”, executive chair Marcus Treacher said.

“What we are seeing in countries such as Georgia and Tajikistan is a recognition that they can provide a far superior experience for customers by offering efficient and seamless services based around frictionless cross-border payments and settlements.”

The company has also made several new hires this year and says it is on course for further growth as it continues to expand into new regions and further engage with central and commercial banks. has also seen interest from multinational banks to form “Banks Working Group”, which currently comprises more than a dozen banks across the Americas, EMEA and APAC.

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