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Star launches CardPro Accelerator to speed up and simplify digital banking and card products roll-out

Empowering rapid fintech innovation, Star's CardPro Accelerator offers a seamless, partner-agnostic platform for bespoke card-based solutions

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Star, the global technology consulting firm that connects strategy, design and engineering to help companies accelerate their growth and value, has launched a partner-agnostic middleware solution to help businesses fast-track the development of expense management, neo-bank, digital wallets, Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL), smart lending and other card-based services. 

CardPro Accelerator is essentially a pre-developed set of software components that can seamlessly integrate into existing technology infrastructures. It includes in-built connections to card issuing and processing partners. Fully customisable, CardPro Accelerator shortens the development time and cost of card services by as much as 50 per cent. 

The adoption of proprietary card services is expanding across diverse business sectors. With these advancements, companies can efficiently navigate from internal expenditures like employee spending to fleet operations in the automotive sector and beyond while enriching customer interactions.

For instance, in the retail sector, amidst escalating living costs and market competition, loyalty, debit, and BNPL cards are emerging as strategic assets, encouraging repeat patronage by offering users ease of payment, control over expenses, and benefits management, such as redeeming points or vouchers. This trend underscores the broad utility of card services in enhancing business processes and customer engagement alike.

CardPro Accelerator will reduce the time to market for new cards and card-based solution launches by as much as 50 per cent and significantly reduce the cost of building and maintaining card services through its pre-assembled components for app design, card issuance and management, Know Your Buyer (KYB) processes, capturing real-time notifications and more. 

Companies that wish to launch and manage their own card service no longer have to choose between building an entire card solution from scratch (and embarking on an expensive learning curve) or settling for white-label offerings that often come with limited customisation options and generic brand experiences. 

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Even with pre-assembled components included in CardPro Accelerator’s middleware layer, Star will guide customers through the design and development process and work with them to find the optimal fintech partners for credit decisions, transaction management, BIN sponsorship, and more; according to the desired components.

Other features of the CardPro Accelerator solution include:

  • Partner-agnostic gateway for card issuing and processing (with pre-built integrations via Monovate and Highnote for optimal cost and time benefits.)

  • RESTful API for client-server communication that can be used by mobile or web clients, easily connecting to API gateways to enable user authentication and authorisation.

  • A developer-friendly API that can be deployed on any cloud provider or your own infrastructure and integrated with web and mobile applications and card issuing and processing providers. 

  • Customisable, flexible library of UI resources, including UI designs, skeleton applications, and pluggable UI widgets, based on user flows and best practices from 15+ years of project experience. 

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