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Stripe alumni raise $3.1m for AI-powered wealth management platform

Co-founders Alex Norcliffe and Lindsay Brady are aiming to make finance “simple and accessible for all” with new startup

Era raise

Alex Norcliffe and Lindsay Brady/Era

AI-powered wealth management platform Era has secured $3.1m seed in a funding round led by Northzone.

Using artificial intelligence, Era personalises wealth management advice and automates financial tasks.

The startup was founded by fintech veterans CEO Alex Norcliffe and chief operating officer Lindsay Brady who collectively have worked across Stripe, Google Pay, Apple, Square and Samsung.

“Finance shouldn't be a maze that only a few can navigate,” Norcliffe said.

“At Era, we're reshaping the financial landscape to make expert advice attainable for everyone, irrespective of their existing knowledge or funds in their bank account. We want to empower anyone to manage their money like experts, without needing to be one themselves.”

Born from the founders’ personal experiences with finance and the struggles they encountered even while working at big name tech and fintech companies, Era is aiming to “level the playing field” in financial advisory services, regardless of income level.

Combining AI with human expertise, Era uses both advanced models and human advisors to personalise responses to each user, whether they’re asking about budgeting or investment portfolios.

“Our mission at Era is personal for me. Growing up, my financial education started and stopped with balancing a checkbook,” Brady said. 

“Once I got a job where I started receiving equity, I spent a lot of time trying to understand what that meant. We built Era to improve people’s financial outcomes — no matter where they’re at in their journey.” 

Norcliffe said they see AI as a “generational opportunity” to remove complexities in the financial system.

The mission? “Financial knowledge and security for everyone, no matter how complex the world gets.”

The funding round was supported by Protagonist, Designer Fund and angel investors from Stripe, Plaid, Google, Netflix and Pipe.

Users can sign up to request early access to the platform now.

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