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UK government moves towards offering open banking payments for public services

GOV.UK already offers mobile wallet payments and will be looking into how open banking can be integrated later this year

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The British government is planning to look into harnessing open banking for online payments for public services.

The integration of open banking would allow people to use their own banking apps directly to pay for government services. 

Amanda Dahl, deputy director of Government Digital Services, shared the update in a blog post, where she outlined the development of digital products for GOV.UK.

The site currently offers Apple Pay and Google Pay for central government digital services, but will be extending mobile wallet payments to local authority services for charges such as the Clean Air Zone.

“Ultimately, we want to be the first choice for building government digital services,” Dahl wrote.

“It’s my vision for the future that any team in government, regardless of their technical skills, can deliver usable, accessible digital services that integrate seamlessly with GOV.UK, so our new mission is to integrate our products to enable that to happen,” she added.

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