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Visa’s Click to Pay is powering the future of checkout payments

As a world leader in digital payments, Visa is committed to developing the next generation of seamless payment experiences, backed by world-class security. One of the newer solutions is Click to Pay, developed to bring the convenience of contactless online

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Rapid technological advances have changed the way we spend, manage our money, and live our lives. Consumers now increasingly expect online experiences to be as secure and seamless as face-to-face, no matter the merchant or device they’re using.

At Visa, we are committed to developing the next generation of seamless payment experiences, protected by our world-class security measures. These products are then all part of our ‘open’ network with Visa accepted at more than 100m merchant locations across more than 200 countries and territories. 

One of the newer solutions in the payments space is Click to Pay, developed to bring the convenience of contactless online. Removing the hassle of repeatedly entering card details, Click to Pay has been built with innovative security features such as tokenisation, all helping to safeguard the sensitive data of consumers and businesses. Token technology, pioneered by Visa, is a core part of Click to Pay. Sensitive payment data on its journey from the merchant to the consumer’s bank is replaced with an encrypted token, making the digital payment more secure. Enabling tokens can also reduce the risk of fraud by up to 50 per cent(1) because if a token is stolen, it can’t be used by anyone else, including fraudsters.

Click to Pay fundamentally enables businesses to offer a more secure and streamlined payment experience without a substantial upfront investment. We need only look at the adoption of contactless payments to see what the future might hold with four out of five payments now made in stores in Europe being contactless(2). Merchants and businesses that embrace a variety of payment options will remain competitive in an increasingly online marketplace. Businesses of all sizes can make use of Click to Pay, keeping up with customer needs and the evolution of payment space by making payments more convenient, secure, and efficient.

One of our partners, Lloyds Bank, introduced Click to Pay to its customers to help power a secure and streamlined checkout experience, noting reduced friction and increased sales conversion for their customers. To support this feedback, 45 per cent of SMBs surveyed by Visa reported an average of 12 per cent increase in sales after they started accepting digital payments. And 57 per cent of those surveyed say customers spend more when they use cards(3).

With eCommerce usage surging to such an extent that it’s now on equal footing with face-to-face spend across Europe(4), Visa remains dedicated to providing innovative digital solutions that meet the evolving needs of consumers and businesses. As technologies continue to evolve, we can expect Click to Pay and similar solutions to become more integrated, adaptive, and personalised, further enhancing the way we conduct financial transactions.

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