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The AltFi Awards 2015 received a great response, with close to 100 platforms

taking part and the participation of over 5,000 voters. 

With the votes counted and the results announced all that remained was to present the awards.  Successful participants met for an awards lunch at the RSA in London on Wednesday 27th January.  FTI Consulting sponsored the lunch and attendees were treated to a brief talk by Jeannette Lichner.  Faced with an audience of young Alternative Finance companies the messages on governance were extremely well received.  Jeanette provided a reminder that companies that participate in alternative finance should ensure that their own governance matches the standards of accountability and transparency that the market place itself is developing. 


Congratulations to the winners! 

N.B. All winners and runners up receive a .jpg image together will full rights to the use their award logo for marketing purposes.  Winners also received a trophy.

See a full list below together with photos of the proud recipients. 

The 2015 AltFi awards were split into 3 categories: Industry, Small Business & Investor.

  • For the industry awards, each category was be judged by an independent expert panel.
  • For the Small Business Awards and the Investor Awards we also surveyed a panel of users—small businesses and investors.

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Investor Awards


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