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Anaxago is a brand new crowdfunding platform dedicated to innovative companies. Anaxago aims at changing the traditional equity capital investment model. Their goal is to forget about the capitalistic-only and go for a truly sharing and participative investment model. Thanks to Anaxago, entrepreneurs can benefit from the financial support of their investors but also learn from the shareholders' experience, expertise and network. Each investor can take an active part to the company life and so be a part of a lively entrepreneurial adventure. They offer a small range of companies each month to their investors community. Startups and small companies are chosen with good care and have to go through a whole process of financial analysis. They also prefer to select companies with a real innovative value added. With Anaxago, young and small companies can find funding and support to grow and develop. They give them a chance to be the actors of tomorrow's growth and reboost their economy. Since its launch, Anaxago gathered 100 000 members and invested more than 130M€ funding more than 200 businesses.

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