Canopy is an open banking based financial well-being platform focused uniquely on helping renters boost their credit score, improve rental affordability, reduce household debt, and supercharge Renter's savings efforts. Canopy aims to engage young renters, aged 18-25, to become financially “smart” from a young age so that they are able to effectively manage their finances as they get older and have larger financial commitments e.g. rental expenses, paying off student debt whilst saving for a deposit to get on the property ladder. Rent is the largest financial expenditure for any rental household. Canopy's Rental Health offering helps Renters improve their credit score (Experian) by simply tracking their rental payments. In addition, we offer Renters powerful insights into rental expenditure, tools to set rental budgets, and tips to switch to cheaper deals for things like gas and electricity, contents insurance, bike, pet, and car insurance.

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