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Founded in 1869, Goldman Sachs is a leading global investment banking, securities and investment management firm. Headquartered in New York, we maintain offices in all major financial centers around the world.

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Tesco reportedly considering sale of banking arm

20th February 2023 | Amelia Isaacs

Stripe reportedly nearing a $3bn raise

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Wall Street banks to muscle into digital payments

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Interest rate tailwinds buoy Robinhood’s Q3 results

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Form3 secures €23m in venture debt funding

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Dry powder: A fintech M&A boom is kicking off

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HSBC invests $10m in Nova Credit

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Jupiter to sell Starling Bank stake at 40% discount

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Will US firms hoover up European fintech?

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Has the BNPL war been won by Mastercard?

8th August 2022 | James Hickson

Recognise Bank appoints Jean Murphy as CEO

4th August 2022 | Amelia Isaacs

Mollie hires ex-Worldpay exec to lead partnerships

1st August 2022 | Daniel Lanyon

Gen Z banking app W1TTY hits 500,000 downloads

28th July 2022 | Daniel Lanyon

Starling Bank buys £500m mortgage book

14th June 2022 | Daniel Lanyon

Meet France’s growing array of fintech unicorns

27th January 2022 | Liza Tetley

2021 in Fintech and Alternative Finance: Part 2

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2021 in Fintech and Alternative Finance: Part 1

29th December 2021 | John Reynolds

Fintech’s biggest hires and departures of 2021

20th December 2021 | John Reynolds

Nubank eyeing up $55bn valuation in upcoming IPO

26th August 2021 | Aisling Finn

Zopa reportedly eyeing pre-IPO £100m fundraise

27th July 2021 | Aisling Finn

Scalable Capital expands into derivatives

21st July 2021 | Daniel Lanyon

Scalable Capital expands into derivatives

21st July 2021 | Daniel Lanyon

Klarna eyes up London for upcoming IPO

19th May 2021 | Aisling Finn

Afterpay explores US listing after business booms

23rd April 2021 | Aisling Finn

Bottlepay launches Twitter Bitcoin payments feature

18th March 2021 | Daniel Lanyon

Goldman Sachs re-opens Marcus to new UK savers

10th February 2021 | Aisling Finn

Elinvar lands €25m funding in round led by Toscafund

22nd January 2021 | Daniel Lanyon

2020 in Fintech and Alternative Finance: Part 1

29th December 2020 | Oliver Smith

A VC’s perspective: Fintech Trends in 2021

21st December 2020 | Edward Knight

Open Banking: The firms battling to win in 2021

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Scalable Capital hires industry veteran as new CFO

15th September 2020 | Aisling Finn

Monzo hires former Amex exec as new COO

4th May 2020 | Aisling Finn

Will coronavirus turn big banks towards fintech?

13th April 2020 | Aisling Finn

What is Barclays' fintech strategy?

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JP Morgan to launch UK digital bank under Chase brand

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AltFi's 10 most read stories of 2019: Part 1

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The fintech firms that went out of business in 2019

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2019 In Fintech And Alternative Finance: Part 1

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The Challenger: PensionBee’s Romi Savova

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Revolut looks to raise £1.2bn from investors

14th October 2019 | John Reynolds

Raisin courts lucrative Irish savings market

2nd October 2019 | Daniel Lanyon

Why are we still talking about AI?

16th September 2019 | Noam Zeigerson

Raisin acquires German pension specialist fairr

28th August 2019 | Oliver Smith

Revolut hires financial crime boss

23rd August 2019 | Roger Baird

Swedish lender Brocc lands Goldman Sachs funding

22nd August 2019 | Roger Baird

8 ways to survive UK Fintech Week

25th April 2019 | Roger Baird

Here’s how UK fintech responded to Apple Card

26th March 2019 | Oliver Smith

What next after Revolut’s week from hell?

4th March 2019 | Oliver Smith

Augmentum ploughs £7.5m into business lender iwoca

24th January 2019 | Roger Baird

Online lending platforms in blockchain partnership

23rd January 2019 | Daniel Lanyon

Goldman Sachs leads £45m robo adviser fundraise

22nd January 2019 | Daniel Lanyon

Goldman Sachs' Marcus platform reveals AUM

21st January 2019 | Roger Baird

A year in fintech & alternative finance: part 2

14th January 2019 | Roger Baird

Funding Circle appoints joint corporate brokers

21st November 2018 | George Geddes

Bitcoin swap trading offered by Morgan Stanley

13th September 2018 | George Geddes

Goldman soft launches retail bank in UK

23rd August 2018 | Ryan Weeks

Deutsche Bank fintech chief poached by CitiGroup

14th May 2018 | Daniel Lanyon

The great fintech handout

26th April 2018 | David Stevenson

Marcus buoys Goldman Sachs’ coffers

17th April 2018 | Daniel Lanyon

Mind the financial gender gap

16th March 2018 | Emily Nicolle

Get ready for UK fintech’s Big IPO Year

15th March 2018 | Daniel Lanyon

OurCrowd to take on UK equity crowdfunders

12th March 2018 | Ryan Weeks

Private debt market grows to record size

7th February 2018 | Daniel Lanyon

SoFi nabs Twitter exec as new CEO

23rd January 2018 | Ryan Weeks

Will this be the big fintech IPO of 2018?

17th January 2018 | Daniel Lanyon

Kreditech partners up with Mambu

12th January 2018 | Emily Nicolle

AltFi Awards winners announced

10th January 2018 | AltFi

SoFi closes $769m Student Loan Securitization

11th December 2017 | Daniel Lanyon

Nuvo launches chatbot robo advisor

11th December 2017 | Emily Nicolle

Wealthtech investment hits record in Q3

30th November 2017 | Daniel Lanyon

Time for a BDC revolution here in the UK

20th October 2017 | David Stevenson

FinTech Australia welcomes new ASIC chair

19th October 2017 | David Tuckwell

Lending platform signs deal with Goldman Sachs

16th October 2017 | Daniel Lanyon

P2P and marketplace lending securitization ticks up

12th October 2017 | Daniel Lanyon

Renaud Laplanche reveals fintech predictions

10th October 2017 | Daniel Lanyon

Are you WealthTech?

27th September 2017 | Daniel Tammas-Hastings

Goldman Sachs buys $300m of non-bank loans

13th September 2017 | Daniel Lanyon

Goldman Sachs takes aim at Zopa and Ratesetter

11th September 2017 | Moriah Costa

PSD2 – What will happen in January 2018?

25th August 2017 | Markus Lampinen

Goldman Sachs eyes robo

10th July 2017 | David Tuckwell

Fintech hiding in plain sight

11th April 2017 | Markus Lampinen

Goldman Sachs launching robo advice service

21st March 2017 | Daniel Lanyon

Marketplace lender Prosper closes $5bn funding deal

27th February 2017 | Ryan Weeks

Robo advisor Scalable reaches £100m of assets

9th January 2017 | Moriah Costa

AmEx to launch online lending platform

7th July 2016 | Ryan Weeks

creditshelf closes funding round

20th June 2016 | Ryan Weeks

OnDeck Closes $250m Securitisation

18th May 2016 | Ryan Weeks

LendingClub's woes deepen

11th May 2016 | David Stevenson

Lending Club to Sell Bonds Backed by Unsecured Loans

27th April 2016 | Guglielmo de Stefano

CommonBond Completes $150m Securitization of Student Loans

26th April 2016 | Guglielmo de Stefano

Australian Fund to Buy US P2P loans

1st April 2016 | Guglielmo de Stefano

Oz Asset Manager Moves Into Equity Crowdfunding

12th February 2016 | Guglielmo de Stefano

J.P. Morgan to Acquire Lending Club Loans

3rd February 2016 | Guglielmo de Stefano

Neyber Goes Live

18th January 2016 | Ryan Weeks

Fast Start for German Marketplace Lender

22nd December 2015 | Ryan Weeks

Lufax Seeks $1 Billion at $15 Billion Valuation

4th December 2015 | Guglielmo de Stefano

JPMorgan to Enter Online Lending Space

2nd December 2015 | Ryan Weeks

Detail on Lufax IPO

26th November 2015 | Ryan Weeks

CircleUp closes $30m Series C

12th November 2015 | Guglielmo de Stefano

The Redcoats are coming!

11th November 2015 | Ryan Weeks

Orchard Raises $30m in Series B

11th September 2015 | Ryan Weeks

New Choices to Emerge with Platform Funds

14th August 2015 | David Stevenson

LAFDI market report - Friday 31st July

31st July 2015 | Sam Griffiths

SoFi Closes $412million Securitization

11th June 2015 | Georgina McCreadie

Goldman Sachs Sizes Up Direct Lending

11th May 2015 | Georgina McCreadie

An IPO Opportunity?

28th April 2015 | Georgina McCreadie

Funding Circle Adds $150m of Firepower

23rd April 2015 | Ryan Weeks

Arianna Huffington joins Payoff

30th January 2015 | Georgina McCreadie

Launch of a New Industry Accelerator

20th November 2014 | Georgina McCreadie

Securitization Trend Continues

12th November 2014 | AltFi

Third Party Endorsement for Lending Club

18th September 2014 | AltFi

Lending Club IPO Gaining Steam

30th June 2014 | AltFi

Tungsten about to light up London markets

5th September 2013 | AltFi