LHV UK is a leading banking services provider to over 200 fintech companies, including Paysafe, Blockchain, Currencyclud, Coinbase, Trustly, Monese and Wise. Its clients vary from fintech unicorns and digital asset companies to established financial institutions with a global reach. LHV UK offers several innovative banking services, including instant EUR and GBP payments, agency banking, virtual IBANs, safeguarding accounts, multicurrency accounts, and FX.

LHV UK is the founding member and leader in instant EUR payments, processing 8% of the total transactions in Europe. Its clients reach 500 million end-customers in the UK and Europe by making and collecting payments. In February 2022 LHV UK submitted its full UK banking license application, which is subject to regulatory approval by the Prudential Regulatory Authority and Financial Conduct Authority.

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