Liberum is a pan-European investment bank founded in 2007 providing Equity Research, Sales and Trading services to European and North American institutional investors, and Capital Markets and Corporate advice to companies in a range of sectors, with offices in London and New York.  Liberum has a dedicated Alternative Finance team which advises participants in the direct and marketplace lending sector internationally.

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Funding Circle fund adds firepower for buyback strategy

26th February 2019 | Daniel Lanyon

Augmentum ploughs £7.5m into business lender iwoca

24th January 2019 | Roger Baird

Honeycomb fund looks to new £400m cash raise

3rd January 2019 | Daniel Lanyon

Funding Circle fund expecting lower returns

18th December 2018 | Daniel Lanyon

P2P fund eyes dividend growth

30th November 2018 | Daniel Lanyon

Honeycomb fund ups leverage after strong run

26th November 2018 | Daniel Lanyon

Funding Circle fund's returns slow in August

17th September 2018 | Daniel Lanyon

P2P fund sees best 2018 month of returns

3rd September 2018 | Daniel Lanyon

Honeycomb fund sees “strong” July originations

21st August 2018 | Daniel Lanyon

VPC Specialty Lending sees record monthly returns

26th June 2018 | Daniel Lanyon

Honeycomb fund sees cash drag slow returns

22nd June 2018 | Daniel Lanyon

Ranger Direct Lending chairman bows out

18th June 2018 | Daniel Lanyon

Funding Circle fund reveals IFRS 9 NAV

15th May 2018 | Daniel Lanyon

What will Roboadvice Mark 2 look like?

11th August 2017 | David Stevenson

Ranger Direct Lending could raise another £200m

24th November 2016 | Daniel Lanyon

Deal sweeteners: premium plays on property?

23rd November 2016 | Ryan Weeks

Zopa to launch next generation bank

16th November 2016 | Ryan Weeks

IW Capital enters debt space

16th November 2016 | Ryan Weeks

Zopa drops rates for second time in two months

24th October 2016 | Ryan Weeks

All change at Proplend

6th October 2016 | Ryan Weeks

UK Alternative Finance Back on Song?

6th October 2016 | Sam Griffiths

Smava clinches $34m in Series C

3rd October 2016 | Ryan Weeks

Zoopla opens property investment portal

26th September 2016 | Ryan Weeks

GLI Finance reports £10.3m loss in H1

26th September 2016 | Ryan Weeks

Continental European Volume Roundup - August 2016

26th September 2016 | Aloysius Fekete

A Steady Summer for UK Origination Volume

6th September 2016 | Sam Griffiths

Fellow Finance branches out into SME lending

1st September 2016 | Ryan Weeks

Exclusive: VPC hires Liberum’s Cormac Leech

22nd August 2016 | Daniel Lanyon

Exclusive: Harsh Patel exits Victory Park Capital

18th August 2016 | Daniel Lanyon

An update to LARI calculation methodology

8th August 2016 | Sam Griffiths

Chinese investor backs Money&Co.

28th July 2016 | Ryan Weeks

Zopa hires new CTO

19th July 2016 | Ryan Weeks

Lendix expands to Spain

11th July 2016 | Ryan Weeks

Australian listed p2p lender launches rights issue

7th July 2016 | David Stevenson

Lending Works raises £3m

7th July 2016 | Ryan Weeks

Carney frees up £150bn in bank lending

6th July 2016 | Ryan Weeks

Digging into Contingency Fund Coverage

30th June 2016 | Sam Griffiths

5 key considerations post Brexit

24th June 2016 | Ryan Weeks

LendInvest appoints Wilcke on road to IPO

17th June 2016 | Ryan Weeks

Relendex raises equity

13th June 2016 | Ryan Weeks

Ranger Direct Lending plots Z-share issue

7th June 2016 | Daniel Lanyon

UK Origination Volumes - The Slowdown Continues

6th June 2016 | Sam Griffiths

Mullinger Steps Back

31st May 2016 | Ryan Weeks

ArchOver and GapCap Form Partnership

24th May 2016 | Ryan Weeks

Bond Mason Review

20th May 2016 | Iain Niblock

In defence of marketplace lending in the UK

11th May 2016 | Ryan Weeks

Lendix Closes €13.5m Series B

26th April 2016 | Guglielmo de Stefano

The Seedrs Way

19th April 2016 | Ryan Weeks

Lending Review

11th April 2016 | Sukhwinder Shoker

IFISA Goes Live

6th April 2016 | Guglielmo de Stefano

TWINO Investors can now Invest in GBP

23rd March 2016 | Guglielmo de Stefano

RateSetter Joins Forces With SyndicateRoom

22nd March 2016 | Ryan Weeks

The problem with access platforms

14th March 2016 | Ryan Weeks

LendInvest Raises £17m

14th March 2016 | Ryan Weeks

Creamfinance Closes €1m Investment Round

14th March 2016 | Guglielmo de Stefano

Funding Circle Boosts Board With Former Central Banker

10th March 2016 | Guglielmo de Stefano

Landbay: Convertible Triggered

8th March 2016 | Rupert Taylor

Delving into the Cambridge-Nesta Report

18th February 2016 | Sam Griffiths

Lending Review

15th February 2016 | Sukhwinder Shoker

The Property Pivot

12th February 2016 | Sam Griffiths

Continental Europe Volume Roundup - January 2016

5th February 2016 | Sukhwinder Shoker

Oz P2P Lender Releases Loan Book

2nd February 2016 | Guglielmo de Stefano

Assetz Issues Update on Lending Capital

1st February 2016 | Ryan Weeks

Lending Review

29th January 2016 | Sukhwinder Shoker

Neyber Goes Live

18th January 2016 | Ryan Weeks

Lending Review

15th January 2016 | Sukhwinder Shoker

2016 UK Origination Volume Predictions

12th January 2016 | Sam Griffiths

DEBIFO Joins Mintos Platform

12th January 2016 | Guglielmo de Stefano

2016: A Booming P2P Market for Continental Europe?

11th January 2016 | Sukhwinder Shoker

Market Jitters

8th January 2016 | David Stevenson

Alternative lending fund lists on London stockmarket

30th December 2015 | David Stevenson

Buy-to-Let Under Siege?

17th December 2015 | Ryan Weeks

Zopa Set to Raise £70m?

11th December 2015 | Ryan Weeks

IFAs and AltFi Platforms Worlds Apart

11th December 2015 | Ryan Weeks

The missing ingredient in equity crowdfunding

2nd December 2015 | Ryan Weeks

LendInvest Close to Doubling 2014 Output

30th November 2015 | Ryan Weeks

The Real Data on Equity Crowdfunding Performance

19th November 2015 | Ryan Weeks

Lending Review - LAVI Hits Huge Milestone

17th November 2015 | Sukhwinder Shoker

FCA Revisits IFISAs

13th November 2015 | Ryan Weeks

Ranger to Raise up to £135m via C Share Issue

10th November 2015 | Ryan Weeks

ArchOver Strikes £100m Insurance Deal

6th November 2015 | Ryan Weeks

Crowdcube Equity Investor Guide

4th November 2015 | AltFi

Deadline Day

30th October 2015 | Ryan Weeks

On the Ground at LendIt Europe

26th October 2015 | Ryan Weeks

Avant Crosses the £100m Mark in UK Loans

23rd October 2015 | Ryan Weeks

MarketInvoice Investor Guide

21st October 2015 | AltFi

Aegon Invests €150 million through Auxmoney

20th October 2015 | Guglielmo de Stefano

LendInvest to Launch Listed Fund

14th October 2015 | Ryan Weeks

Lending Review

12th October 2015 | Sukhwinder Shoker

Landbay Joins Council of Mortgage Lenders

9th October 2015 | Ryan Weeks

GapCap Closes £1m Equity Fundraise

8th October 2015 | Ryan Weeks

RateSetter Turns Five, Tops £800m Mark

6th October 2015 | Ryan Weeks

RateSetter Australia Publishes Loan Book

5th October 2015 | Ryan Weeks

Syndicate Room Investor Guide

29th September 2015 | AltFi

Index Results Shed Light on UK Rental Space

28th September 2015 | Ryan Weeks

Thincats Investor Guide

22nd September 2015 | AltFi

Lending Review

18th September 2015 | Sukhwinder Shoker

Landbay Sails Through Stress Test

17th September 2015 | Ryan Weeks

RateSetter Reopens to Institutional Money

17th September 2015 | Ryan Weeks

Wellesley & Co. Investor Guide

16th September 2015 | AltFi

Landbay Launches Rental Index

15th September 2015 | Ryan Weeks

An Interview With New Trustbuddy CEO Philip Mikal

14th September 2015 | Ryan Weeks

Cornish Platform Appoints Financial Advisor

7th September 2015 | Henry Thomas

Zopa Investor Guide

7th September 2015 | AltFi

The Alternative Finance Market in Spain

4th September 2015 | Henry Thomas

2015 AltFi Volume Breezes Past 2014 Grand Total!

4th September 2015 | Sam Griffiths

Funding Circle Investor Guide

4th September 2015 | AltFi

Zopa Appoints New CEO

1st September 2015 | Ryan Weeks

Zencap Gears Up for Growth

1st September 2015 | Ryan Weeks

New Survey Reveals Banks Under Threat

28th August 2015 | Henry Thomas

Wellesley Extends Mini-Bond Offering

25th August 2015 | Henry Thomas

Lending Review

24th August 2015 | Sukhwinder Shoker

Bondora Conforms on Default Strategy

24th August 2015 | Henry Thomas

Zopa Becomes First UK Platform to Hit £1bn

18th August 2015 | Ryan Weeks

MarketInvoice Raises £6m

17th August 2015 | Ryan Weeks

Authorisation Applicants Abound

10th August 2015 | Ryan Weeks

Digging into MarketInvoice’s Loanbook

30th July 2015 | Sam Griffiths

The Alternative Finance Market in France

28th July 2015 | Henry Thomas

Digging into MarketInvoice’s Loanbook

28th July 2015 | Sam Griffiths

Red Letter Day for European Alternative Finance

16th July 2015 | Sam Griffiths

Lending Review

15th July 2015 | Sukhwinder Shoker

Ablrate Launches Secondary Market

14th July 2015 | Ryan Weeks

Peer to Peer Business Shifts Gear in Europe!

1st July 2015 | Sukhwinder Shoker

Key Talking Points from P2P CEO Breakfast

26th June 2015 | Ryan Weeks


26th June 2015 | AltFi

P2PGI to Raise More Money

18th June 2015 | Ryan Weeks

AltFi Investor - Risk Column

16th June 2015 | Mike Baliman

The Volume Winners and Losers of 2015 thus far...

15th June 2015 | Sam Griffiths

Lending Review

12th June 2015 | Sukhwinder Shoker

A Fresh Take on UK Consumer Lending

9th June 2015 | Ryan Weeks

Funding for Lending Numbers Rebound

1st June 2015 | Ryan Weeks

Lending Review

12th May 2015 | Sukhwinder Shoker

Seismic Shift for Trustbuddy

7th May 2015 | Ryan Weeks


7th May 2015 | AltFi

Funding Circle

7th May 2015 | AltFi


7th May 2015 | AltFi

Wellesley & Co.

7th May 2015 | AltFi

Syndicate Room

7th May 2015 | AltFi


7th May 2015 | AltFi


7th May 2015 | AltFi


7th May 2015 | AltFi

FundWatch: P2P Global Investments

6th May 2015 | David Stevenson

Landbay Secures £250m Funding Line

6th May 2015 | Ryan Weeks

Lending Review

6th May 2015 | AltFi

Landbay Secures £250m Funding Line

29th April 2015 | Ryan Weeks

How many P2P Investors are there in the UK?

27th April 2015 | Sam Griffiths

Direct Lending Fund to launch on LSE

13th April 2015 | Georgina McCreadie

Are European P2P Volumes about to take off?

10th April 2015 | Sam Griffiths

UK Volume roundup - March 2015

2nd April 2015 | Sam Griffiths

New Platform for Australian SMEs

25th March 2015 | Georgina McCreadie

Zopa Celebrates a Decade of P2P Lending

10th March 2015 | Ryan Weeks

Another Month, Another Industry Record Broken

5th March 2015 | Sam Griffiths

Another Month, Another Industry Record Broken

5th March 2015 | Sam Griffiths

Landbay Pushes for Total Transparency

2nd March 2015 | Ryan Weeks

Landbay Announces High Profile Board Appointment

27th February 2015 | Ryan Weeks

Victory Park to Float P2P Fund

3rd February 2015 | Georgina McCreadie

P2P GI Increases Raise to £250 million

23rd January 2015 | Georgina McCreadie

US Institutional Capital Floods UK Shores

21st January 2015 | Ryan Weeks

FundingKnight Set for a Lending Spike?

14th January 2015 | Ryan Weeks

AltFi Down Under - LoanRanger Profile

9th January 2015 | Sam Griffiths

P2PGI to Double in Size?

7th January 2015 | AltFi

2015 UK Volume Predictions

23rd December 2014 | Sam Griffiths

The AltFi Frontline: Surveying the Surveys

12th December 2014 | Ryan Weeks

Starting Up Peer-to-Business Lending Down Under

1st December 2014 | Ryan Weeks

LendIt Europe Roundup

18th November 2014 | AltFi

Nordic Swoop on European P2P Platforms

13th November 2014 | AltFi

The Next Step in the P2P ISA Push

17th October 2014 | AltFi

P2PFA Opens Gates to New Platform

2nd October 2014 | AltFi

UK Peer-to-Peer Lending Space Surpasses the £2bn Mark

11th September 2014 | Sam Griffiths

Trustbuddy to Open up to UK Borrowers

4th August 2014 | AltFi

How to Fix Funding for Lending

31st July 2014 | AltFi

Ageing before beauty…

24th July 2014 | Rupert Taylor

Huge Cash Injection for Trustbuddy

2nd July 2014 | AltFi

A Challenge to the Throne?

8th April 2014 | AltFi

AltFi Summit 2014 Sponsors’ Breakfast Interviews

10th February 2014 | Ryan Weeks

AltFi Summit 2014 Sponsors Revealed!

3rd February 2014 | Ryan Weeks

P2P Bad? Really?

13th December 2013 | AltFi