RateSetter launched in 2010 to give people the opportunity to earn more on their money by allowing them to lend directly. This new asset class fills a gap for the retail investor between the low risk, low reward of cash and the high return, high volatility of shares. RateSetter pioneered the Provision Fund model, which diversifies each risk across the loan portfolio provides protection against bad debt. As a result, to date, every individual RateSetter investor has received their capital and interest in full. RateSetter has originated more than £3bn of loans to individuals and businesses across the UK and generated £120m in interest for its investors.

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RateSetter passes £500m secondary market milestone

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UK alternative finance market swells 35% in 2017

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Lending Works appointments new board members

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Funding Circle floats at £1.5bn valuation

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RateSetter ISA sees £130m inflows in eight months

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RateSetter appoints City grandee to its board

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Lending Works scoops £2.8m fundraise

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Ranger Direct lending – moving towards an endgame?

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O frabjous day! Callooh! Callay!

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Marketplace lender Lendable tops £100m mark

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RateSetter Australia gets a credit ratings upgrade

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AltFi Data unveils new originator, new metrics

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Australia's fintech industry applauds Scott Morrison

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RateSetter Australia closes $10.5m fundraise

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Brits aren’t saving enough, says Ratesetter

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P2P goes green with RateSetter's new marketplace

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Australian youth drive P2P revolution

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The business case for guarantor peer-to-peer investing

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Relendex gains full FCA authorisation

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Lendable clinches £100m loan purchasing deal

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Proplend approved to offer Innovative Finance ISA

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Investors flock to Innovative Finance ISA

24th February 2017 | Moriah Costa

Australian comparison firm eyes UK robo advice

23rd February 2017 | Moriah Costa

P2P lending news midweek roundup

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Plum announces partnership with Ratesetter

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Proving the peer-to-peer lending principle

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Chart of the Week: Funding Circle's First £2 Billion

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Octopus fully authorised as peer-to-peer lender

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Regulator plans new crowdfunding rules for 2017

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Folk2Folk gets full authorisation

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Funding Circle tops £100m in a month

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US origination slump continues as volumes halve

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Deal sweeteners: premium plays on property?

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Chart of the Week 16-47:
Contingency Fund Evolution

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Three investor ‘deal sweeteners’ on offer by P2P platforms

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UK Alternative Finance Back on Song?

6th October 2016 | Sam Griffiths

RateSetter posts £4.9m loss in 2015-16

19th September 2016 | Ryan Weeks

Funding Circle enlists ex-Lloyds chief to board

9th September 2016 | Daniel Lanyon

RateSetter Brings Back Expected Loss Rates

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A Steady Summer for UK Origination Volume

6th September 2016 | Sam Griffiths

Zopa drops rates, more platforms to follow?

1st September 2016 | Ryan Weeks

Have online lenders changed their spots?

30th August 2016 | Ryan Weeks

Slowing Origination makes for Sliding Net Lending

9th August 2016 | Sam Griffiths

RateSetter to close 3 year market

2nd August 2016 | Ryan Weeks

RateSetter Increases Loss Expectations by 24.4%

21st July 2016 | Sam Griffiths

Reasons to be cheerful

20th July 2016 | Ryan Weeks

Can it really be “business as usual”?

19th July 2016 | Ryan Weeks

BoE holds rates, P2P "not linked"?

15th July 2016 | Ryan Weeks

Provision Fund will withstand the doubters

8th July 2016 | Peter Behrens

Australian listed p2p lender launches rights issue

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Capify says SMEs positive post-Brexit

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Diversification demystified

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RateSetter Appoints Target Group

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FSCS to encompass peer-to-peer lending?

15th April 2016 | Ryan Weeks

A solar bond with a difference

15th April 2016 | David Stevenson

Lending Review

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IFISA Goes Live

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FinTech People Moves Q1 2016

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Australian Fund to Buy US P2P loans

1st April 2016 | Guglielmo de Stefano

“Big three” to miss IFISA launch

31st March 2016 | Ryan Weeks

RateSetter Joins Forces With SyndicateRoom

22nd March 2016 | Ryan Weeks

Multi-Platform IFISA Made Possible

17th March 2016 | Ryan Weeks

Mobile Marches Forwards

16th March 2016 | Ryan Weeks

UK Online Lending Platform Selected For UKTI Trade Mission

8th March 2016 | Guglielmo de Stefano

Latvian P2P Lender Raises €2m In Seed Funding

23rd February 2016 | Guglielmo de Stefano

P2P Lending: the best investment of 2016?

22nd February 2016 | Jordan Stodart

Zopa Drops its 'Guard...

18th February 2016 | Rupert Taylor

RateSetter Goes “Easy Access”

17th February 2016 | Guglielmo de Stefano

Kiwi P2P Marketplace Closes $8.5m Series B Financing Round

16th February 2016 | Guglielmo de Stefano

Lending Review

15th February 2016 | Sukhwinder Shoker

ThinCats – The Next Chapter

11th February 2016 | Ryan Weeks

AltFi Heads Down Under For Its Inaugural Australasian Summit 2016

10th February 2016 | Guglielmo de Stefano

RateSetter Posts Details on IFISA Offering

8th February 2016 | Ryan Weeks

Spotcap Raises €31.5m in Third Financing Round

4th February 2016 | Guglielmo de Stefano

Betting on banks’ failure is a dangerous thing to do

3rd February 2016 | Rhydian Lewis

Oz P2P Lender Releases Loan Book

2nd February 2016 | Guglielmo de Stefano

Highlights from the AltFi Awards Winners Lunch

1st February 2016 | Ryan Weeks

Innovative Finance ISA 2016: An overview

29th January 2016 | Jordan Stodart

Lending Review

29th January 2016 | Sukhwinder Shoker

What Next in 2016

26th January 2016 | David Stevenson

RateSetter hits £1bn!

26th January 2016 | Sam Griffiths

Neyber Goes Live

18th January 2016 | Ryan Weeks

Lending Review

15th January 2016 | Sukhwinder Shoker

2016 UK Origination Volume Predictions

12th January 2016 | Sam Griffiths

DEBIFO Joins Mintos Platform

12th January 2016 | Guglielmo de Stefano

Confusion Over IFISA Eligibility

18th December 2015 | Ryan Weeks

How Regulation Becomes the Disease not the Cure

18th December 2015 | Mike Baliman

MoneyPlace Partners with Auswide Bank

17th December 2015 | Guglielmo de Stefano

BBB to Lend to SMEs Through RateSetter

10th December 2015 | Ryan Weeks

International Expansion: Recent Trends in a Nascent Industry

9th December 2015 | Guglielmo de Stefano

RateSetter Australia launches Sharing Economy Trust Index

7th December 2015 | Guglielmo de Stefano

FLS Paying Off, P2P Continues Growth

3rd December 2015 | Ryan Weeks

The missing ingredient in equity crowdfunding

2nd December 2015 | Ryan Weeks

LendingCrowd Launch Investor Facing App

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Mapping out the Funds Universe: Part 2

30th November 2015 | Sam Hodges

An Update on TWINO

25th November 2015 | Guglielmo de Stefano

FSCS vs Platform Contingency Funds

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Business Loans Make Up 40% of RateSetter Loan Book

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Mapping out the Funds Universe Part 1

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The Investors Pick Their Winners

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The Real Data on Equity Crowdfunding Performance

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The Redcoats are coming!

11th November 2015 | Ryan Weeks

Lending Review

3rd November 2015 | Sukhwinder Shoker

Deadline Day

30th October 2015 | Ryan Weeks

InvoiceBid has rebranded as Timelio

27th October 2015 | Guglielmo de Stefano

Avant Crosses the £100m Mark in UK Loans

23rd October 2015 | Ryan Weeks

Buyers Beware

23rd October 2015 | David Stevenson

A Record Breaking End to a Record Breaking Quarter

20th October 2015 | Sam Griffiths

The M&A Hokey Cokey

20th October 2015 | David Stevenson

Lending Review

12th October 2015 | Sukhwinder Shoker

RateSetter Turns Five, Tops £800m Mark

6th October 2015 | Ryan Weeks

RateSetter Australia Publishes Loan Book

5th October 2015 | Ryan Weeks

Index Results Shed Light on UK Rental Space

28th September 2015 | Ryan Weeks

Harmoney Secures $200m Commitment From P2PGI

25th September 2015 | Ryan Weeks

Fees Fees Fees!

24th September 2015 | Sam Griffiths

UK Cyber-Crime on the Rise

21st September 2015 | Henry Thomas

RateSetter Shifts Emphasis to Scale

21st September 2015 | Ryan Weeks

Lending Review

18th September 2015 | Sukhwinder Shoker

RateSetter Reopens to Institutional Money

17th September 2015 | Ryan Weeks

Aussie Lender Hits A$10 Million

16th September 2015 | Henry Thomas

Zoning in on Fraud Prevention

8th September 2015 | Ryan Weeks

2015 AltFi Volume Breezes Past 2014 Grand Total!

4th September 2015 | Sam Griffiths

Lending Review

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New Choices to Emerge with Platform Funds

14th August 2015 | David Stevenson

What are the Institutions up to Now?

14th August 2015 | Sukhwinder Shoker

Lending Club Shifting Focus Back to Retail?

13th August 2015 | Ryan Weeks

Authorisation Applicants Abound

10th August 2015 | Ryan Weeks

Seedrs Joins Crowdfunding party and Raises £7.5m

31st July 2015 | David Stevenson

Seedrs to Raise £10m in Series A

30th July 2015 | Ryan Weeks

OnDeck Launches Mobile App

29th July 2015 | Ryan Weeks

Digging into MarketInvoice’s Loanbook

28th July 2015 | Sam Griffiths

The Next Great British Export?

27th July 2015 | Ryan Weeks

RateSetter Strikes Deal With eMoov

24th July 2015 | Ryan Weeks

P2P and rising interest rates: What next?

23rd July 2015 | James Sherwin-Smith

Lending Review

15th July 2015 | Sukhwinder Shoker

The “Innovative Finance ISA” Arrives

8th July 2015 | Ryan Weeks

What does the FSCS Decline Mean for P2P?

6th July 2015 | Ryan Weeks

End of ISA Saga in Sight?

3rd July 2015 | Ryan Weeks

P2P ISA Announcement, Just Days Away

1st July 2015 | AltFi

Credit Rating Agency Rates UK P2P Platform

24th June 2015 | Ryan Weeks

First US Closed End Fund Nears Launch

17th June 2015 | Ryan Weeks

Lending Review

12th June 2015 | Sukhwinder Shoker

Chinese P2P Platform to Hold Off on IPO

11th June 2015 | Ryan Weeks

A Fresh Take on UK Consumer Lending

9th June 2015 | Ryan Weeks

Tinder for Equity Crowdfunding

5th June 2015 | Ryan Weeks

DirectMoney Launches Retail Fund

29th May 2015 | Georgina McCreadie

eMoneyUnion Gears Up for Growth

27th May 2015 | Ryan Weeks

RateSetter Australia Moves Into Secured Lending

19th May 2015 | Georgina McCreadie

Is 'P2P' Lending a thing of the past?

19th May 2015 | Sam Griffiths

A New Runner in the Race for Europe

15th May 2015 | Ryan Weeks

More Fund Managers Buy Into P2P

13th May 2015 | Ryan Weeks


7th May 2015 | AltFi

FundWatch: P2P Global Investments

6th May 2015 | David Stevenson

Lending Review

6th May 2015 | AltFi

“Risk Debt” In P2P - Examples

6th May 2015 | Mike Baliman

“Risk Debt” In P2P - Examples

5th May 2015 | Mike Baliman

Time to Go Mobile

1st May 2015 | Ryan Weeks

How many P2P Investors are there in the UK?

27th April 2015 | Sam Griffiths

AltFi Launch Journal of Disruptive Finance

16th April 2015 | Georgina McCreadie

RateSetter Get Creative

13th April 2015 | AltFi

The Race to the First £1bn

9th April 2015 | Sam Griffiths

RateSetter enters Pension Market

7th April 2015 | Georgina McCreadie

UK Volume roundup - March 2015

2nd April 2015 | Sam Griffiths

Neil Woodford Backs P2P Lending

30th March 2015 | Georgina McCreadie

DirectMoney to List on ASX

26th March 2015 | Georgina McCreadie

An Interview With the British Business Bank

25th March 2015 | Ryan Weeks

Madiston LendLoanInvest Launches a Secondary Market

13th March 2015 | Georgina McCreadie

RateSetter Australia receives $10 million Investment

12th March 2015 | Georgina McCreadie

RateSetter Makes Shrewd Appointment

10th March 2015 | Ryan Weeks

Zopa Celebrates a Decade of P2P Lending

10th March 2015 | Ryan Weeks

The Consumer Take on P2P ISAs

5th March 2015 | Ryan Weeks

Another Month, Another Industry Record Broken

5th March 2015 | Sam Griffiths

The FLS Gap Just Got Bigger

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The AltFi Frontline: A Breakout Room With a View

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Hargreaves Lansdown to Build P2P Platform

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AltFi Down Under - An overview of the activity

9th January 2015 | Sam Griffiths

AltFi Down Under - RateSetter Australia Profile

9th January 2015 | Sam Griffiths

AltFi Down Under - DirectMoney Profile

9th January 2015 | Sam Griffiths

2015 UK Volume Predictions

23rd December 2014 | Sam Griffiths

The AltFi Frontline: Surveying the Surveys

12th December 2014 | Ryan Weeks

What Next for Lending Club?

12th December 2014 | Georgina McCreadie

The First Flickers of Market Consolidation?

12th December 2014 | Ryan Weeks

The Big Four Stretch their Stride

10th December 2014 | Sam Griffiths

Murray Inquiry reveals importance of Crowdfunding

9th December 2014 | Georgina McCreadie

MarketInvoice Beefs Up Board

5th December 2014 | Georgina McCreadie

Exploring Perceptions of the FSCS Scheme

2nd December 2014 | Georgina McCreadie

Starting Up Peer-to-Business Lending Down Under

1st December 2014 | Ryan Weeks

RateSetter Begins Life Down Under

11th November 2014 | AltFi

P2P Platforms Explore the ISA Opportunity

29th October 2014 | AltFi

The Next Step in the P2P ISA Push

17th October 2014 | AltFi

City Investors Join P2P Party

16th October 2014 | Sam Griffiths

P2PFA Opens Gates to New Platform

2nd October 2014 | AltFi

The AltFi Awards Winners are Announced

24th September 2014 | AltFi

Just how dangerous is it in the new world of crowdfunding?

10th September 2014 | David Stevenson

DIY Brits Flock to Peer-to-Peer Lending

22nd August 2014 | AltFi

First UK P2P Platform to Lend $1 Billion

18th August 2014 | AltFi

Another Milestone Falls For RateSetter

8th August 2014 | AltFi

Trustbuddy to Open up to UK Borrowers

4th August 2014 | AltFi

MarketInvoice Clears £200m Mark

15th July 2014 | AltFi

RateSetter Targets IFA Market

15th July 2014 | AltFi

P2P Lending a Boon for Fund Managers?

26th June 2014 | AltFi

How to get started in P2P lending

26th June 2014 | David Stevenson

Rebirth for Italian P2P Lender

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The AltFi Frontline: Unheralded Developments

23rd June 2014 | Ryan Weeks

The Small Town P2P Pioneers

2nd June 2014 | AltFi

The Liberum AltFi Index: Growth Rates Rebound

2nd June 2014 | Sam Griffiths

Wonga Launch P2P Platform

16th May 2014 | AltFi

P2P Global Investments Announces IPO

16th May 2014 | AltFi

RateSetter Pull Saver Protection Stunt

16th April 2014 | AltFi

RateSetter Go Down Under

9th April 2014 | AltFi

A Challenge to the Throne?

8th April 2014 | AltFi

Huge Moment for P2P Sector

19th March 2014 | AltFi

The Breakout Room at AltFi

13th March 2014 | Ryan Weeks

AltFi Summit 2014 Sponsors’ Breakfast Interviews

10th February 2014 | Ryan Weeks

AltFi Summit 2014 Sponsors Revealed!

3rd February 2014 | Ryan Weeks

The AltFi Frontline: The Next Big Things

21st January 2014 | Ryan Weeks

Sancus Launch Jersey-Based P2P Lending Business

14th January 2014 | Ryan Weeks

RateSetter and GiffGaff Unite

25th November 2013 | AltFi

FCA review – the impact on P2P lenders?

3rd October 2013 | David Stevenson

RateSetter clear £10m lending in one month

4th September 2013 | AltFi

Contrarian: Regulating alternative finance

4th September 2013 | AltFi