Recognise Bank

Recognise Bank is a fully licensed UK bank for SME’s providing tailored and flexibly structured financing solutions to businesses and competitive and FSCS protected savings accounts to both businesses and individuals.  
Recognising our customers is at the heart of what we do through quick, simple and accessible business financing powered by exceptional service to empower our customers to reach their financial objectives. 
Recognise offers a variety of loans, including commercial mortgages, bridging finance, professional buy-to-let loans and more, directly to its customers and through brokers who, we believe, are key to serving the hugely underserved SME market.  
Within only 6 months of achieving its banking licence, Recognise Bank closed more than £100m in business loans and today holds more than £200m in deposits, 4,000 business customers and a customer satisfaction of 91%.  
We continue to enhance and improve our products and services and develop innovative digital solutions that both customers and brokers want on our journey to reach our ambition of being the UK’s leading bank for SME’s.  

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