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Snoop is a game-changing platform with a plan–to put the £12 billion lost every year to inertia (the so-called ‘loyalty’ penalty) back in consumers’ pockets. Founded by a team of former Virgin Money executives, led by Dame Jayne-Anne Gadhia, the free app uses secure open banking technology and a combination of human and artificial intelligence to deliver data-driven, hyper-personalised insights to help consumers make the most of their money– potentially saving households around £1,500 a year. Snoop champions the consumer, is 100% independent and takes money management further by actively helping consumers find ways to save –wherever and whenever they spend. Powered by Open Banking, Snoop was mandated by The Competition and Markets Authority in January 2018 to strengthen competition and innovation in the UK retail banking market. The founders believe that, in the future, the best experience in banking will no longer be with a bank– and they’re steadfastly focused on making that a reality.

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