ThinCats is a leading alternative finance provider dedicated to funding growing and ambitious SMEs. Filling the gap created by the banks’ inability to service much of the commercial finance market, ThinCats specialises in secured loans from £1m up to £15m. ThinCats combines strong institutional backing with access to diverse pools of funding and has more than £800m of committed capital to lend against assets and cashflows.

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What the Spring Statement means for UK fintechs

24th March 2022 | Liza Tetley

ThinCats appoints Aldermore Bank IT head as new CTO

14th March 2022 | John Reynolds

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7th February 2022 | Oliver Smith

Quilam Capital lands new £300m investment

3rd November 2021 | Daniel Lanyon

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P2P lender ThinCats launches rebranding effort

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In lending its all about the recovery

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Secured P2P lender Assetz Capital gets authorised

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BondMason launches P2P SIPP product

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Australian comparison firm eyes UK robo advice

23rd February 2017 | Moriah Costa

Proving the peer-to-peer lending principle

21st February 2017 | Ryan Weeks

All change at Proplend

6th October 2016 | Ryan Weeks

Investors unsure how best to save since the EU referendum

7th September 2016 | Lisa Walls-Hester

Thin Cats starts grading its SME borrowers

16th August 2016 | David Stevenson

Can it really be “business as usual”?

19th July 2016 | Ryan Weeks

BoE holds rates, P2P "not linked"?

15th July 2016 | Ryan Weeks

Carney frees up £150bn in bank lending

6th July 2016 | Ryan Weeks

Digging into Contingency Fund Coverage

30th June 2016 | Sam Griffiths

ThinCats Lists Largest Ever Non-Property P2P Loan

28th April 2016 | Guglielmo de Stefano

New model for less exuberant times

18th April 2016 | Geoff Miller

The problem with access platforms

14th March 2016 | Ryan Weeks

Kiwi P2P Marketplace Closes $8.5m Series B Financing Round

16th February 2016 | Guglielmo de Stefano

ThinCats – The Next Chapter

11th February 2016 | Ryan Weeks

AltFi Heads Down Under For Its Inaugural Australasian Summit 2016

10th February 2016 | Guglielmo de Stefano

Spotcap Raises €31.5m in Third Financing Round

4th February 2016 | Guglielmo de Stefano

An Interview with Leo Tyndall, CEO of Marketlend

15th January 2016 | Guglielmo de Stefano

2016 UK Origination Volume Predictions

12th January 2016 | Sam Griffiths

Education, Education, Education

10th December 2015 | Sam Hodges

International Expansion: Recent Trends in a Nascent Industry

9th December 2015 | Guglielmo de Stefano

IFISA Extends to Include 'Debt Securities'

30th November 2015 | Sam Hodges

What is the future of peer to peer?

24th November 2015 | Kevin Caley

Deadline Day

30th October 2015 | Ryan Weeks

InvoiceBid has rebranded as Timelio

27th October 2015 | Guglielmo de Stefano

On the Ground at LendIt Europe

26th October 2015 | Ryan Weeks

Investors see P2P Light Thanks to New ISA

21st October 2015 | Sam Hodges

Thincats Investor Guide

22nd September 2015 | AltFi

Aussie Lender Hits A$10 Million

16th September 2015 | Henry Thomas

The Next Great British Export?

27th July 2015 | Ryan Weeks

SME Lenders Make Senior Risk Hires

22nd July 2015 | Ryan Weeks

Aussie P2P Lender Calls for more Regulation

7th July 2015 | Henry Thomas

Crowdcube joins exciting NZ market

6th July 2015 | Henry Thomas

Aussie Banks Unfazed at P2P Growth

2nd July 2015 | Henry Thomas

ThinCats Australia Mulls IPO

1st July 2015 | Henry Thomas


26th June 2015 | AltFi

How many P2P Investors are there in the UK?

27th April 2015 | Sam Griffiths

OnDeck expands to Australia

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ThinCats Hits £100m Milestone

30th March 2015 | AltFi

New Platform for Australian SMEs

25th March 2015 | Georgina McCreadie

GLIF Acquires Stake in Solar Energy Lender

6th March 2015 | Ryan Weeks

The Consumer Take on P2P ISAs

5th March 2015 | Ryan Weeks

Institutional Underwriting Commitment for ThinCats

16th February 2015 | Ryan Weeks

ThinCats Secures Fresh Liquidity Source

12th February 2015 | Ryan Weeks

AltFi Down Under - An overview of the activity

9th January 2015 | Sam Griffiths

AltFi Down Under - ThinCats Australia Profile

9th January 2015 | Sam Griffiths

Murray Inquiry reveals importance of Crowdfunding

9th December 2014 | Georgina McCreadie

Starting Up Peer-to-Business Lending Down Under

1st December 2014 | Ryan Weeks

Rebuilding ThinCats

18th November 2014 | Georgina McCreadie

ThinCats to Broaden Base of SIPP Investors

25th September 2014 | AltFi

Just how dangerous is it in the new world of crowdfunding?

10th September 2014 | David Stevenson

Peer Lending and Asset Finance – The Opportunity

15th August 2014 | David Bradley-Ward

How to get started in P2P lending

26th June 2014 | David Stevenson

The AltFi Frontline: Unheralded Developments

23rd June 2014 | Ryan Weeks

The Breakout Room at AltFi

13th March 2014 | Ryan Weeks

AltFi Summit 2014 Sponsors Revealed!

3rd February 2014 | Ryan Weeks

ThinCats Ready For Institutional Investment

16th January 2014 | Ryan Weeks

Contrarian: Regulating alternative finance

4th September 2013 | AltFi

ThinCats to hold second conference

3rd September 2013 | AltFi