TrueLayer is a leading provider of financial APIs that will power a new era of financial innovation. It provides an interface between financial institutions and third-party applications over an API. By using TrueLayer, businesses save a significant amount of time and resources, which enables a much broader range of companies to develop products that take advantage of PSD2 and Open Banking. Businesses can easily verify identity and account ownership using existing customer data; view accounts, check balances, and access transaction history; query bank accounts and cards to build powerful applications; and mitigate fraud and enhance credit scoring modelling using detailed income and expenses data from users' bank account. For example, Zopa uses TrueLayer for faster income verification, Canopy to automatically update its customers’ rental information, Plum to connect its chatbot with Monzo and Starling Bank accounts, and Anorak to provide more accurate and timely insurance quotes. TrueLayer was founded in 2016 by serial entrepreneurs, Francesco Simoneschi and Luca Martinetti. They received $11.9M across multiple round of investments from top-tier VC firms operating in Financial Services and SaaS business, including Northzone, Anthemis Group and Connect Ventures.

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