TrueLayer is a global open banking platform. TrueLayer makes it easy for businesses to integrate next-generation payments and financial data into any app or website so they can build better financial experiences for their customers.

Founded in 2016 and authorised by the UK's Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), TrueLayer has more than 90% coverage across key European markets and routes over 55% of all Open Banking traffic in the UK, Ireland and Spain.

TrueLayer's clients include innovators in every industry, from Freetrade, Nutmeg and Revolut, through to large enterprises and the Ministry of Justice. Today, millions of consumers and businesses trust TrueLayer to access their financial data and initiate payments. 

TrueLayer’s vision is to create a financial system that works for everyone by putting fintech at people's fingertips. The company is building the world’s most powerful open banking network with a focus on quality: that means reliable and easy-to-use APIs, high converting user flows, rich datasets, and products that solve complex problems for customers.

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