VentureFounders is a UK-based equity investment platform designed to make Angel and Venture Capital style investing more accessible, affordable and transparent.   We believe that this market should be open to all who can afford and understand the risk associated with early stage investment. As an investor through VentureFounders, you can invest from a minimum of £1,000 in some of the UK’s fastest growing and most exciting companies.   With a solid foundation in financial services expertise, the VentureFounders team is comprised of FCA approved, highly skilled investment professionals with extensive private equity, investment management and business growth experience.   What sets us apart is the thorough approach we take. We seek out ideas that excite us, leaders we believe in and numbers that stack up. We then apply expert due diligence to qualify and interrogate the true investment opportunity before we present it to our investors.   The majority of our investment opportunities are offered in collaboration with leading Venture Capital firms or Angel networks with established track records and sector expertise. Importantly, we never present a fundraise that we would not invest in ourselves. The result is a curated range of structured opportunities in early stage, scalable and high growth businesses, many of which are EIS (Enterprise Investment Scheme) qualifying.   VentureFounders operates a simple investment process through our online portal and, after the opportunity has closed, we give shareholders the essential tools they need to have full insight into what’s going on in their portfolio.   By using a nominee structure, the experts at VentureFounders ensure investors receive the full economic interests of their investment with the benefit of being part of a much larger pool of capital, with a greater say in the business. Additionally, fundraising businesses do not have to deal with the complexities and administrative hassle of having a large number of shareholders to manage on a day to day basis and can get on with the important work of growing their companies.   We passionately believe that fulfilling a round of investment should not be the end of the journey, and that a partnership should continue between management and stakeholders. We have a long-term commitment to our entrepreneurs and a wealth of experience to accelerate growth at every stage of the investment journey.   VentureFounders is a meticulous, informed, fair and far-sighted investment platform that stands out from the crowd.

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