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Wellesley Group

Wellesley Group is a leading property development finance platform, challenging attitudes in the property lending market, by enabling investors to make healthy returns on their capital in the form of attractive interest rates by connecting them with creditworthy borrowers seeking competitive sources of funding. The borrowers are medium size developers who need funding to build mid-market homes. Since 2013 Wellesley Group has enabled the development of more than 3,400 new family homes in England and Wales helping to address the shortage of mid-priced housing in the regions. Today the average loan size to developers is £11m and less than 15% of Wellesley’s loan portfolio is in London. Wellesley borrows long and lends short with an average loan of 9 months and investment products are an average of 23 months. Wellesley works to achieve fair returns on their investments for retails investors in either specific loans (Peer-to-Peer) or the firm in general (Bonds) by connecting them and delivering lending solutions to creditworthy and professional house-builders (borrowers). Wellesley has provided average investment returns of 4.11% for over 14,000 investors, and has paid over £19million in interest to date.

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