Yolt is a platform to manage your money in a smart and easy way in one App, currently live in Beta in the UK.

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Covid-19 not delaying open banking drive, finds study

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9th April 2019 | Roger Baird

Just 14% of people manage their money with apps

11th March 2019 | Roger Baird

Yolt launches Open Banking business account

18th February 2019 | Roger Baird

Yolt completes France and Italy rollout

14th January 2019 | Roger Baird

Yolt plots ‘Yolt Pay’ launch

9th January 2019 | George Geddes

Money app Emma launches marketplace

30th October 2018 | Ryan Weeks

Money app Yolt rolls out life insurance product

13th September 2018 | Ryan Weeks

70% of UK consumers use money apps in 2018

9th May 2018 | Emily Nicolle

ING-backed money app Yolt hits 250k users

16th April 2018 | Emily Nicolle

Monzo integrates with ING-backed app Yolt

23rd March 2018 | Emily Nicolle

Monzo launches its interim API, announces 2018 goals

12th January 2018 | Emily Nicolle

2017: The year of digital banking. What's next?

28th December 2017 | Emily Nicolle

Yolt announces integration with Starling Bank

7th November 2017 | Emily Nicolle

Defining excellence in digital banking

20th October 2017 | Ryan Weeks

Fintech banking app Yolt announces new features

19th September 2017 | Ryan Weeks

The latest craze in fintech: layered banking

25th July 2017 | Ryan Weeks

Digital banking gets whacky

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