Zilch was founded to bring the world’s first Commerce Card to market. A product so useful and valuable that consumers would use it habitually because it would give them the ability to pay with affordable credit (interest free) and debit (with cashback) anywhere, for anything, anywhere. Zilch’s proprietary platform known as ASPN (Ad Supported Payments Network) allows retailers to drive sales and growth into their business on a success only basis / variable cost to their marketing and ad budgets. With the third wave of advertising that is retail media, access to Zilch’s customers is immensely valuable for retailers and enables Zilch to extract increasing amounts from these marketing and ad budgets to grow the value provided to millions of Zilch Commerce Card customers, which is a cookieless world they otherwise couldn’t reach, via interest free credit, discounts, cashbacks, savings and rewards. 
A UK-headquartered payments technology, we offer our customers the best and most empowering way to pay, whenever and wherever they spend. Using Zilch’s virtual Mastercard that combines the best of debit, credit and savings, our customers can either earn rewards on debit payments in the form of cashback (‘Pay in 1’) or spreadrepayments interest-free over six weeks (‘Pay in 4’). 
To ensure that we are helping our customers to manage their cash flow responsibly when they make credit payments, we set dynamic borrowing limits using best-in-market data from credit reference agencies, open banking and behavioural data analysis. Together these generate a real-time, comprehensive, 360-degree view of a customer’s affordability profile, allowing us to set personalised borrowing limits accordingly. To further bolster our customer safeguards, we are fully regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority, having obtained a consumer credit license prior to our launch. 
Since launching as an FCA regulated business in the UK in September 2020 and in the US in May 2022, Zilch has amassed over 3 million customers. In that time, we have provided our customers with over £90 million in aggregate rewards and savings on fees and interest. Zilch is Europe’s fastest-ever company to go from Series A to double-unicorn status, in just 14 months, after raising capital at a $2bn valuation in November 2021 and maintaining that valuation in a subsequent funding round in the summer of 2022.   

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