Finserv And Retail CX Best Practices To Win Against Industry Giants

Thursday 6 April 2023

Customer expectations continue to change and customers now wish for the best in class service across industries, wherever and whenever they interact with a retail, Finserv, medical or any other business.

Customers benchmark their excellent experiences from dealing with giants like Apple or Amazon, are no longer accepting anything less in other industries and are not willing to wait for companies to gradually figure out and implement an exceptional customer experience strategy.

What can Finserv and Retail businesses learn from each other when it comes to delivering exceptional customer experience (CX)? What best CX practices can be exchanged across industries to compete with industry giants?

Learn how Trading 212 and a special retail guest prioritise their CX strategies to compete against industry giants, with key takeaways covering:

• Hear how your peers in Finserv and Retail approach creating a top-tier digital customer service experience

• Understand how to best optimise your CX to avoid costly mistakes while scaling

• Learn how to use emerging technologies to take full advantage of your resources

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