Money Talks Forecasting Fintech-s Big Trends For 2023
Money Talks: Forecasting Fintech's Big Trends For 2023


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With the world's economic uncertainties today, even the most well-funded fintechs need to get more value from their support teams. And with added pressure to drive revenue growth and combat competitors from taking away customers, companies must urgently find a clear path to acquiring, onboarding and keeping customers.

Implementing an exceptional customer experience (CX) strategy is one of the most effective ways for companies to differentiate their brand to drive higher customer acquisitions, improve retention rates and grow revenue. But how exactly can financial services companies create better customer experiences to compete?

This webinar provided insights on transforming your CX while addressing the top five challenges facing companies, so that teams can survive and even thrive during the current economic downturn. The challenges discussed:

Challenge #1 - Cut Operational Costs

Challenge #2 - Slow Spending Growth

Challenge #3 - Grow Revenue

Challenge #4 - Turn Agents Into Inside Sales Reps

Challenge #5 - Retain Your Customers