Alex Littner

As Managing Director, Alex has overall responsibility for providing strategic direction and leading the development of Boost Capital.   Alex is a seasoned leader with more than 10 years of experience in business development, marketing and product management, with an extensive education in business at the highest levels (MBA, BSc Business). Prior to joining Boost Capital, Alex held leadership responsibility for the development and growth of one of the key product lines in American Express, the Small Business Card portfolio. During this role, Alex worked across American Express’ European, Asia-Pacific, and LAC (Latin America and Caribbean) regions, and spent time living in New York.   Alex has an in-depth appreciation of the needs of small business owners, and has launched a range of compelling and innovative products and digital capabilities that meet these unique needs. In addition, he has devised and implemented successful acquisition and portfolio management strategies to drive transformational growth.   Alex has demonstrated a strong ability to build credible, trusted and long-lasting relationships with prospective and existing partners, and a proven ability to implement change and grow businesses.  

Articles By Alex Littner

What Will 2016 Hold For Alternative Finance?

19th January 2016 | Alex Littner