Annabel Murphy

Fusion Labs

Innovation Consultant and Community Manager

Annabel started her career as an investor relations consultant helping public companies communicate with Australian and international investors. She moved into the Australian startup scene in 2016 and works with Fusion Labs, a corporate innovation startup. In her role at Fusion Labs, she runs workshops and accelerators to help teams explore and develop new ideas. Annabel is also a media contributor on Sky Business and BRiN, a platform providing educational video content to entrepreneurs and small business owners. She has a Communications Degree from Queensland University of Technology and has recently been accepted into an Advanced Journalism Diploma at University of Technology Sydney. Fusion Labs helps large corporates and government agencies including TAFE NSW, American Express, TAL and Boral come up with new ways to be more innovative and adaptable within changing business environments. We do this by facilitating Design Thinking and Lean Startup workshops, advisory, incubator and accelerator programs.

Event Sessions Featuring Annabel Murphy

Fireside Chat

Case Story of Credible ‐ an Aussie success story

AltFi Australasia Summit 2018 - Monday 16 April 2018

In this fireside chat Stephen and Dean explained the story of Credible, which has just listed on the ASX.

“We started in 2012, we began in student loans. We’re like Expedia but for consumer finance. We give borrowers the ability to see options from multiple lenders. As distinct from a lead-gen site, we’re helping the borrower through 90% of the process. Students were paying off debt without debt-based pricing.

“There was mass consumer confusion and people getting ripped off paying 8 percent interest rates when Libor was at 30 bps.”

Dean Dorrell, who backed Credible from the beginning, added that he was still very suspicious of the banks. “I think they think about fintech as a threat. But we’ve seen that banks are starting to see that fintechs have a competitive advantage in speed and the people they can hire. I think it’s still a number of years before banks will buy them.”