Anne Hakvoort

FG Lawyers


Anne Hakvoort is a partner at FG Lawyers, a boutique firm focusing on corporate and alternative finance. Anne specializes in Dutch financial and securities laws with a special focus on Fintech and alternative financing structures (crowdfunding, market place lending, peer 2 peer lending, credit unions, business angels, debt sale, factoring). Anne has broad experience in different types of financial transactions, including debt and equity capital markets transactions, syndicated and bilateral facilities, complex transactions in financial products including securitisations as well as financial restructurings. With great enthusiasm, Anne advises her clients on financial regulatory law related matters and she assists her clients in structuring their contemplated business models within the boundaries set by the Dutch Financial Supervision Act (Wet op het financieel toezicht) and the European legislation, such as the AIFMD, MiFID II/MiFIR, PSD II, MCD, MAR, CRD/CRR, Solvency II and the Prospectus Regulation. Anne’s clients generally are crowdfunding platforms, Fintech companies, credit unions, qualified investors, banks, financial services providers, (managers of) investment funds, insurance companies and investment firms such as brokers, underwriters and asset managers.

Event Sessions Featuring Anne Hakvoort


Balancing fintech regulation at the local and European level

AltFi Amsterdam Summit 2018 - Monday 5 November 2018

Ronald said people are excited for a European wide P2P regulatory framework to be implemented. 

Anne said there is a fintech action plan without the action at the moment. Ways to improve this include scaling up models within Europe which will remove obstacles and introduce fintech solutions such as blockchain which remove and control cyber risk.

P2P regulation should be finalised by July 2020 following a successful trial period. 

In five years’ time, Luuc believes there will be both European and local platforms available, increasing competition in the market by lowering barriers to entry. Only the niche players will remain. 


Unifying regulation across Europe

AltFi Global Summit 2017 - Tuesday 7 November 2017