Antoni Airikkala

Fellow Finance

Director for New Markets

Antoni Airikkala is the Director for New Markets in Fellow Finance Plc, the biggest peer to peer lending platform in the Nordics, which offers investors a possibility to invest in business loans, invoice finance and consumer loans in Finland, Sweden, Germany and Poland. Antoni leads the international expansion and business growth of Fellow Finance in continental Europe.

Event Sessions Featuring Antoni Airikkala


Why investors should target alternative loans in Continental Europe

AltFi Amsterdam Summit 2018 - Monday 5 November 2018

The continental Europe and UK markets are not too dissimilar. Niels said Spotcap uses continental Europe to test its models before going to other markets. The only significant difference between the markets is risk exposure. 

Antoni said there are markets where Fellow Finance doesn't invest like Germany because it requires a full banking license. Fellow Finance is not comfortable partnering with an external bank because it likes to keep everything in-house. 

Niels believes it is important to maintain the company's product set and expand in to countries which are compatible when it comes to growth. Whereas Antoni believes products should be added when there is a demand in new markets like Sweden.