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Ben Perham

Executive Director, Head of Corporate Development & Strategy


Ben is Head of Corporate Development & Strategy for Macquarie Bank's Banking & Financial Services Group.  The role involves leading a transformational strategy for BFS to be a leader in digital banking and wealth management in Australia.  Ben leads BFS' formation of new alliances and investments, design and innovation agenda, engagement with the FinTech sector, and sales performance centre. Ben joined Macquarie's Sydney office in 1997.  His 18 years at Macquarie Group has included leadership positions in investment banking and funds management, and the development of new business divisions in Australia and the United States.  Ben was based in New York from 2005-2011 and was Macquarie’s Integrity Officer for the Americas.  From 2011-2013 Ben was in the Central Executive Group, focused on corporate development initiatives for Macquarie Group. Ben helped form Stone & Chalk, the Australian FinTech Hub, and is a founding Director of the company.

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