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Chris Macklin

Chief Risk Officer

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"I got into Finance by chance really, I wanted to work with computers and having dabbled in programming with a Sinclair ZX81 I took my first job at a high street bank. Keying entries into a back-office system wasn’t quite the IT department I imagined but starting in financial services at the bottom gave me a grass-roots understanding of the industry, which I’ve strived to maintain. During my career investing in personal development, alongside having some excellent bosses and good sponsors, I have been fortunate to experience some great opportunities in a broad range of roles and business areas. I believe that the finance industry overall needs to focus on promoting good ethical behaviour and rewarding a customer-centric approach. At Assetz, I’m proud of our people, each individual’s care, commitment and passion is enabling us to achieve amazing things. We’ve made really good progress, but there’s always more to be done."

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