Christopher Scott Price

Property Shares

Founder and CEO

Christopher Scott Price is a serial entrepreneur and an active property investor and angel investor. He is the founder and CEO of PropertyShares, one of the largest peer-to-peer real estate lenders in Australia. Scott has over a decade of industry experience in property and technology markets. He has also played an integral role in frameworks for real estate fintech having advised on panels for both industry and government. Prior to returning to Australia, Scott built and worked for a number of startups in Europe and Silicon Valley watching real estate crowdfunding platforms grow from zero to $400 million in lending transactions. Scott is a trained aerospace engineer and has worked on projects such as the International Space Station, the Ariane V rocket and the A380 for the European Space Agency, NASA, EADS and Airbus.

Event Sessions Featuring Christopher Scott Price

Roundtable (Breakout)

Disruption in Property Lending – Debt and Equity models examined

AltFi Australasia Summit 2017 - Monday 27 February 2017