Clare Flynn Levy

Clare Flynn Levy is founder and CEO of Essentia Analytics. It is at the nexus of behavioural finance and data science, providing professional investors with an enhanced understanding of where their skills lie so that they can do more of what they're good at and less of what they're not.   Developed by leading neuroscientists, software engineers and ex-fund managers, the company’s cloud-based software uses behavioural data analytics to help professional investors make more skilled investment decisions. Essentia enables fund managers to capture richer data about both their own behaviour and its context, turning trade, market and biometric data into actionable, personal insights. The result is a simple, accurate, continuous feedback loop – the same sort that professional athletes use to achieve excellence.   Appropriate for both traditional active managers and hedge funds, high and low turnover portfolios, the software has been adopted already by Union Investments and Artemis Fund Managers, despite being less than a year old.

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