Corinne Proske

Good Shepherd Microfinance

General Manager Online and Retail

Corinne has been the General Manager Online and Retail at  Good Shepherd Microfinance since 2016 where she is responsible for Good Money as well as the new fintech offering Speckle. Both initiatives are focused on providing Australians with fairer credit choices and independent debt advice. Prior to joining, Corinne worked for NAB for 13 years in business banking and of social responsibility.  As part of her responsibilities Corinne was responsible for NAB’s $130 million financial inclusion programs that focus on helping low income Australians access financial services. Whilst at NAB Corinne also led a team of commercial bankers who specialised in government, education and community businesses.  As part of this she was involved in leading commitment to impact investment and impact measurement. Corinne is also Director of The Difference Incubator who help social enterprises become investment ready and the Melbourne Catholic Development Fund. Prior to joining NAB, Corinne has over 10 years’ experience in consulting, and has worked for Ernst & Young and PricewaterhouseCoopers respectively. She has also worked for the Federal Department of Family and Community Services. Corinne is a CPA with postgraduate studies in environmental management and was awarded a Churchill Fellowship in 2009 and a MoneySmart award for her contribution to financial literacy in 2013. Corinne is passionate about the outdoors and in particular going camping with her son.

Event Sessions Featuring Corinne Proske


Micro Finance with Good Shepherd

AltFi Australasia Summit 2018 - Monday 16 April 2018

  • This panel looked at Good Shepherd, a not-for profit that provides microfinancing for Australians who live on the margins. Seventeen per cent of adults in Australia experience financial exclusion.

  • Corrine Proske pointed out that millions of Aussies have very little access to credit, which places them and their families at risk of poverty and poor social, emotional and health outcomes. Good Shepherd provides small loans on fair rates to help these people.

  • Elliot Anderson gave the perspective of NAB, which is a partner of Good Shepherd and provides it with funding to a tune of $130 million a year.