David Stevens



David Stevens is a highly experienced CEO and CFO specialised in the non-bank consumer and commercial finance sectors within Australia and New Zealand. He most recently led MiFund, a start up company and industry leader in providing medical payment options to consumers in Australia. Mr Stevens accelerated growth within the business by establishing relationships with key accounts such as Bupa, Primary and Greencross. This focus geared towards the health industry enabled Mr Stevens to secure a 35 percent equity stake in the business by the Bank of Queensland in 2018. Prior to this, Mr Stevens served as CEO and CFO of FlexiGroup, a diversified financial services company focusing on commercial and consumer finance in Australia, New Zealand and Ireland. In his near-decade with FlexiGroup, Mr Stevens directed numerous M&A transactions and led large teams in the strategic growth of what was a small company to an ASX200-listed business. He managed the acquisition of Fisher & Paykel Finance and spent considerable time in New Zealand in the course of his work in the local side of the business. Mr Stevens was also a senior manager at PricewaterhouseCoopers. He is a qualified chartered accountant with a degree in commerce, accounting and finance from the University of Wollongong and a graduate diploma in applied finance from the Financial Services Institute of Australia.

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