D.J Paul


Co-Founder/Board Member

D.J. Paul is the founder of DJP&Co., a financial services consulting firm specializing in investment crowdfunding regulation, implementation and business development. He has served as a consultant to numerous industry leaders in the technology, finance, real estate and entertainment sectors.    D.J. is nationally recognized for his expertise in investment crowdfunding regulatory issues and instruments. A founding member and co-chair of Crowdfund Intermediary Regulatory Advocates (CFIRA), D.J. testified before Congress in January 2014 regarding securities issues and the JOBS Act, and was named to the Securities & Exchange Commission’s Advisory Committee on Small and Emerging Companies in October 2014. As a member of this committee, he advocates for increasing private companies’ access to capital.   A national thought-leader on the investment crowdfund movement, D.J. has helped to shape key JOBS Act provisions. In April of 2012, he coordinated the first post-JOBS Act meeting between the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and investment crowdfunding stakeholders. This milestone meeting catalyzed and launched an ongoing collaboration that continues to this day between the SEC, congressional representatives, Wall Street and Main Street business leaders who are working together to shape regulatory oversight and implementation of JOBS Act provisions.