Emma Steeley

AccountScore, an Equifax Company


Emma has spent the last fifteen years of her career working in senior executive positions within the ever-changing industry of the consumer finance sector. During her various tenures, she has demonstrated enormous success, always leading with a clear vision and an instinctive, savvy intellect.
Following Emma’s appointment as CEO in 2018, AccountScore has tripled its client list and is now working across over 12 different industries, bringing pioneering Open Banking solutions to the market. It is with the extensive experience of the finance and technology sectors and an innate passion for the benefits of Open Banking as a Service (OBaaS®) offerings that she is able to break down any resistance to trying this new technology and proactively move Open Banking into new sectors; directly influencing a wider adoption of Open Banking services in the UK.

Having worked together for more than two years, Emma was at the forefront of building the successful relationship between AccountScore and Equifax which led to the subsequent acquisition in February 2021. This extension of the existing and very successful partnership will see the organisations work together to bring even more innovative Open Banking solutions to market.

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  • Simoneschi said the mass adoption of Open Banking is being driven by use cases.

  • Steeley said that just because a potential borrower has a “thin file at the bureau” does not mean they are a thin file in transaction terms, meaning credit providers need only to crunch this data to make a lending decision they might otherwise dismiss.

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