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Frazer Fearnhead

Founder and CEO

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Frazer Fearnhead launched The House Crowd in March 2012. It was, at the time, the first property crowdfunding company in the world. Property crowdfunding is now a multi-billion-pound global industry. Frazer has been investing in property since 1994 and, since 2003, has helped other people invest over £110,000,000 in property. He sold his previous property investment consultancy Armchair Property Investor in 2007 for over £2M. Following the financial crisis in 2008, where he saw banks unfairly seize assets from property investors, developers and many other businesses, he was motivated to create a business model that enabled people to build their wealth in property without using the banks and without having to save deposits and take out mortgages. A well as being the founding director of The House Crowd, he has written a number one best-selling book “The Alternative Guide To Property Investment” and has written numerous articles about property investment and property crowdfunding.

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