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James Sherwin-Smith


James Sherwin-Smith is CEO of Growth Street, an alternative finance platform for SMEs based in the UK.   Growth Street is a better way to finance and grow your business.  Growth Street operates an alternative finance platform for SMEs that offers borrowers better finance terms on business overdrafts and delivers a superior risk-adjusted return for lenders – a true B2B offering!   Our first product is a revolving credit facility – an overdraft alternative.  Once opened, SMEs can borrow and repay at will, and only pay interest on what they borrow, when they borrow.   James Sherwin-Smith is an engineer by education, a consultant by experience, and at heart a frustrated entrepreneur.   Whether working in a big corporate or a small startup, James is passionate about the positive, disruptive impact technology can have on our world. Past employers include MasterCard and Oliver Wyman. Past startups include Hitmatic, ActiveMedia and d4. James is an active angel investor and advises other small businesses including Fidel and Mogo in his spare time.

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