John Broxis

Open Banking Europe, Konsentus Group

Managing Director

John is an expert on all aspects of open banking, open finance, regulatory compliance, and alternative payment methods having worked in payments and banking systems for over 20 years.  

John joined EBA LEARING in 2002 becoming Director of STEP2 taking the platform through SEPA migration to be the largest clearing system in Europe. He also created MyBank, a pan-European e-authorisation solution for online payments and open banking, which was moved to a separate company, PRETA S.A.S, in 2014 with John as Managing Director.  

In 2017, John launched the Open Banking Europe Membership Programme which provides its Members with a collaborative environment to identify market issues and problems, championing awareness and creating solutions via guidance, standards, and tools.  Konsentus acquired Open Banking Europe S.A.S from PRETA in January 2021. John continues in his role as Managing Director, Open Banking Europe. 

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