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John is Chief Executive for ThinCats and ESF Capital, and brings nearly 30 years of financial services and risk management experience to the role.  His main focus is ensuring that lenders make money whilst minimising risk for all those involved with the platform, whilst ensuring the smooth running of the company.  He has introduced well tested financial controls and procedures, and has major plans to develop and grow the business, and bring in new products.  Prior to joining ThinCats, he was Chief Operating and Financial Officer at Hermes Fund Managers, and Chief Operating Officer at New Star Asset Management. John held a series of senior European financial and risk management roles at Morgan Stanley, and board positions both in fund companies and main operating companies. He is a Fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales.

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The big banks already have better technology than fintechs

London Summit 2018 - Monday 26 March 2018

  • Kamp says that banks must have good tech, if they are to handle the mass of data and transactions they see every day. But that doesn't make them better than fintechs: their legacy, and volume of data that they must carry to every new product, makes it very difficult for them to practice innovation. However that's not to say that the fintechs are at their peak: in some ways, they oversell. Speed of development and speed to market is not the same as quality of service or product. If big banks are to overcome their fintech counterparts, their internal fintech hubs need to not just focus on idea innovation, but also on product implementation and development.
  • Mould admits that fintechs can get products out quicker and with less obstacles, but if the banks can solve their own bureaucracy issues, they will be able to "totally wipeout" fintechs. But the question is, can they do that? To date, it has yet to happen. The tech that banks own is far superior to what fintechs have been able to achieve so far, but that has yet to translate into tangible products. Kamp agrees, it is far more secure for banks to wait and see which fintech services develop and flourish, copying them later after the risk has been fully assessed.

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