John Pellew


Founder and CEO

John is the founder and CEO of Othera, an innovative fintech that is leveraging blockchain to revolutionize the issuance and trade of alternative assets and to facilitate liquidity and transparency for originators and investors. John has over 20 years experience in business and banking and has worked in industry, business finance and international trade finance in Australia and the U.K. with companies such as CBA, NAB Group and RBS.  Othera provides originators and asset managers with tools to create and issue fixed income investment products from a range of alternative asset classes. These tools allow customisation of investment products of variable sizes and profit profiles, whilst retaining full asset provenance and lowering sales costs through issuance on a digital asset exchange to retail or institutional investors. Othera is one of few blockchain companies delivering enterprise grade software to the financial services market. 

Event Sessions Featuring John Pellew

  • Pellew argued that blockchain had much to offer fintech lending because it provides “an immutable single source of truth; a provable register of ownership and trust between parties who have none.”

  • “We’re allowing lenders to settle and originate their loans and securitise their assets without multi-billion dollar transactions to get the economies of scale. For buyers you get access to real time payment performance. No longer do you have opaque pools of loans you can now see what you’re buying.”

Articles Featuring John Pellew