Kirsty Grant


Chief Investment Officer

Kirsty grew up, went to University and trained as a lawyer in Perth, Western Australia. She obtained her law degree, alongside an Arts degree (majoring in English Literature and Art History) at the University of Western Australia. She also spent a brief stint at McGill University in Canada.

She was a corporate lawyer for eight years before joining Seedrs, doing her training at Blake Dawson in Perth, then going on to work in Singapore for a number of years, mainly working on cross border transactions in South East Asia. For the four years before she joined Seedrs, she worked at Freshfields in London, focusing on mergers and acquisitions.
She worked on some of the largest transactions in the market across multiple industries and also spent time on secondment to clients in Switzerland and the US.

Kirsty joined Seedrs as Investment Director in May 2015, having been impressed by the organisation’s concept and the way in which it was managed and executed by the management team. Her investment team covers the process from when a campaign is submitted, getting it live on the platform through to funding and post-investment monitoring.
Promoted to Chief Investment Officer in 2018, Kirsty is responsible for the investment terms put in place at funding – shareholder agreements, subscription terms and other documentation for the deal. Her M&A background has shown itself to be more useful than first expected, particularly as Seedrs takes on larger and more complex raises. Kirsty’s goal is to increase a broader understanding of the Seedrs model, ensuring that it is understood how much the company does to ensure investors have sufficient protections and that being ‘crowdfunded’ isn’t a hindrance for portfolio companies.
The way Seedrs structures its investment is key and really sets it apart – it’s Kirsty’s personal mission to make that understood.

Outside work, Kirsty enjoys balancing the best of London (theatre, art galleries, live music, and restaurants) with regular escapes to the outdoors (hiking, snow or beach).
Most weekends she can be found wandering or riding around East London in search of good coffee and somewhere to read the papers.

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