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Leon Muis is CBO of Yolt Technology Services - the leading open banking provider in Europe, building, managing, and maintaining AIS and PIS connections for top financial institutions and ambitious tech businesses.  Leon was instrumental in the launch of Open Banking in the UK in 2018, working closely with the Open Banking Implementation Entity and the FCA to assist in the launch the initiative. As one of the four founders of the leading smart money app Yolt, Leon moved on to oversee the development of Yolt’s latest Open Banking technology proposition, YTS, which in January 2018 became the first ever Third-Party Provider to successfully make an open banking API call. As a driven Fintech and Retail banking professional, Leon is committed to bringing a frictionless banking experience to all. Prior to joining Yolt and later the Yolt Technology Services devision, Leon worked as a technology & strategy consultant for ING. Leon has vast international banking and technology experience having previously worked as a Senior Consultant at ING and Fiserv. Splitting his time between YTS' offices in London, Amsterdam and Poland, Leon lives near Utrecht with his wife and 3 young children. When he’s not sharing his Open Banking expertise, Leon enjoys sports, and is himself an active cyclist and runner.

Event Sessions Featuring Leon Muis

Fireside Chat

Breakout session: Securing The Future Of Open Banking - Leon Muis In Conversation With Bronwyn Boyle

AltFi Digital Banking Forum 2021 - Wednesday 10 February 2021


The Open Banking Payments Revolution

AltFi Digital Banking Forum 2021 - Wednesday 10 February 2021

Roundtable (Breakout)

Making the Marketplace ‐ Round Table Discussion

London Summit 2018 - Monday 26 March 2018

  • All in attendance were in agreement: marketplaces are something we can expect to see coming out of every digital bank, sooner or later. But will the model become a money maker? Clark doesn't think so, suggesting that Tandem prefers to see its marketplace as simply a "benefit to the customer" over a tool for profitability. Myatt also pointed out that we have yet to determine an exact and widespread definition of what we mean by 'marketplace': does it refer to only third-party products being sold by a bank, or will banks eventually sell their own services and products within their apps too? 
  • In essence, the marketplace model should be about "putting the customer's data back in their hands" and allowing them to get the most out of it, said Barbosa. Indeed, both Chisell and Magliulo added that a marketplace should be about "giving way" to those who are specialised, in order to create the most value for their customers. Campbell mentioned that Bud has found higher traction from users sits on non-core products and services: things like energy-switching, travel perks and insurance. 
  • However Plumb warned that at times the marketplace has become a "sexy term" for a bank's partnership strategy, when what they're really offering is not a true marketplace at all. Often we speak about marketplaces as if they are just one generic product, but as in the case of robo advisors, not all marketplaces will be a good fit. Bibas suggested that each bank should develop a specific strategy for different partners, allowing them to create true customer value.
  • For the future, Moreni highlighted the need for banks to be focusing on what value in a marketplace really means to their customers. Whether you give a customer 10 or 3 choices for a service, "it doesn't matter unless you know what it is your customer needs from you," said Dallas. Muis agreed, sayng that if you want people to give up their data, banks will have to show them the value they're going to gain as a result. While a partnership strategy is a no-brainer for most, it'll be the new categories that come out of the marketplace model that will be the most exciting to watch.

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