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Manuel Silva Martinez


Manu is a hiking enthusiast, world traveller and wine aficionado. As Mouro Capital's General Partner, authorised by the FCA, he oversees strategy, investor relations, resources, and processes, focused mainly on the UK, Europe, and Latin America. In this capacity, he sits on the Boards of a55, bonify and Crosslend and participates as an observer in the Boards of Autofi, Creditas, Curve, Elliptic, Klar, Roostify and Tradeshift, among others. Manu has been investing in fintech since 2010, spending five years with BBVA Ventures (now Propel VC) in San Francisco, before moving to London in 2015 to bring Mouro Capital to life. He likes to learn! He has a BA & MSc in Business Administration and Audit (CUNEF), MPhil PPE, MPhil DevEcon, PhD absent thesis Econ (Sciences Po Paris, Chinese University of Hong Kong).

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