Martin Ijaha


Founder and CEO

Martin is the CEO and a founding partner of Neyber, a new fintech alternative lending platform. Neyber is a provider of financial employee benefits. It enables employees to reduce their borrowing costs with access to affordable loans integrated with existing payroll systems at no cost to the employer.   Neyber's mission is to pioneer the creation of workplace communities that will enable employees to borrow and save together at fairer rates and to cut credit costs.   Martin’s background is in finance and technology.  He started as a technologist and went on to build a career in credit investing through roles at Goldman Sachs and H.I.G Capital International.  This experience built his vision to provide the market with simple and straight–forward solutions that can really work for people to improve their financial futures.   He holds an MSci in Computer Science from University College (London). Outside of work Martin enjoys a range of sporting activities, including football and cycling. 

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