Michael Baptista

Michael is a FinTech angel investor with a high profile in London.  Whilst the UK is a ‘home’ market, he has strong connections to Continental European and US FinTech.  He holds Board / Advisory positions at Landbay, UKBN, AltFi Data and Lendingwell in all of which he is also an investor.  He brings to the FinTech community the knowledge, insight and networks of twenty-five years of senior roles in Banking in London, HK and Tokyo as well as an industry understanding developed as a specialist financials analyst.  He acts as a mentor to a number of very early-stage FinTech firms.  In addition to the current portfolio, deals now in due diligence include disruptors in asset management, insurance and SME working capital.  

Articles By Michael Baptista

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27th June 2016 | Michael Baptista

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20th April 2016 | Michael Baptista

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